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Got $5000.00 laying around?

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June 2009
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Got an extra $5000.00 laying around????

Apparently David Ruiteman does….. he just chipped in the Carl Long fine fund… look here for a complete list of donations to the fund, notable names listed there are Ruiteman, Boris Said($100.00) and a slew of donations ranging from $5000.00 down to $1.00 for a grand total as of yesterday of $16,055.56 only $183,944.44 to go. Long has filed an appeal with NASCAR and the grand pooba Charles Stang will hear it and out come is expected by the end of the week…… now who the hell is Charles Stang??? let’s take a look.

Strang’s racing days go back to the Carl Kiekhaefer era of the 1950s. He was once head of the Outboard Marine Corp. In 1974 Charles D. Strang succeeded W. C. Scott as president of OMC. Strang’s interest in powerboats, beginning in boyhood, had lasted through college and a post as a research associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During a later period of employment with the makers of Mercury outboard motors, interest had deepened into vocation. In 1966 his experience in the powerboat industry had brought him to OMC. Eight years later he rose to the presidency. Where he served for 8 years until 1982. Google offers no help at all… I have searched for hours for what little I have found but this man is a mystery for sure. It has been said he gives no interviews with the media. He did over turn a lower appeal once before with Robert Yates..

Now will he have some sympathy or Long? Who knows but from what I have seen he seems to be a fair man. And in Carl Long’s defense, what about a few years ago when Mikey Waltrip was caught at Daytona with Sterno in his intake? $100,000.00 fine…..and that was a blatant attempt to cheat, we will see at the end of the week I guess …

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  1. FLETCH346 says:

    I think I will make a small contribution on mine & RNF’s behalf. It would be too cool to see multiple contributions from RNF ….

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