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Just call him Mr. Restart!!!!

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June 2009
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Just call him Mr. Restart!!!!!…..

Kasey Kahne held off Tony Stewart not once, not twice, but 4 times to bring home the win at Sonoma. Kasey said during the race “this is the best race car I have ever had here” and it showed. He made no mistakes and pulled away ever time NASCAR dropped a yellow. So a big tip of the hat to the #9 Bud team.

Now let’s look at a few other notes on the race today,

Is the pressure getting to Jimmie Johnson? The stunt he pulled in practice in front of Marcos Ambrose was dumb dumb dumb!!!! he stopped in the middle of turn 11 and wondered why he got hit from behind… then in the race he ran Kurt Busch off the track and then tells Chad Knaus to send word to the 2 pit that it was an accident…..yeah right! He bounced off of 2/3rd of the cars in the race today.

2 drivers tried some old dirt track moves by sitting on the track after a spin or incident trying to draw a yellow, first was Bobby Labonte when he spun going into turn 1 and 2, then Kyle Busch did it sitting in the middle of the track.. it worked for Labonte didn’t work for Busch.

How about the 47 car of Marcos Ambrose? Come from dead last to run 3rd!!! good run for the 47 team.

Did anyone see the 24 getting back at the 13 of Mas Papis? It happened on the cool down lap and I saw it on TNT’s race buddy the 24 really put a wallop on the 13 as he went by…. did NASCAR see it? I doubt it….

there seemed to be lots of pit road speeding today , it got Jeff Gordon, Johnson, and a bunch of others. Really tough penalty on a road course like this.

And how about the King getting back into victory lane?? that was great as the RPM team had 3 cars in the top 10 today… they are a coming, things are starting to get figured out over there at RPM and it shows.

Well hope everyone had a good Fathers day and enjoyed the race….


the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    Happy Father’s Day to you also.Don’t forget the job Ambrose did, started in the back and still got a strong third.I agree that JJ was throwing his weight around today and it could be pressure. Is it time for a new C.C. for Jr?

  2. Shynloco says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Well I missed race and it sounds like it was a great race. I had to help one of my son’s move to Phoenix like a good father (lol). But not all is lost cause the race track is only three miles away from his new place. But congrats dr. I’m happy for Kasey and even happier that dipstick Kyle Busch didn’t and didn’t even place in the top 20. I did get to see see him come in second (AGAIN) Saturday night. Goodness I’ve come to HATE that guy! Hoepfully I can catch a rerun of the Sonoma race.

  3. Little E_Big M fan says:

    Good race. Was impressed with how fast Kahne’s car was.Good for him for winning this tough road course.Happy for RP too.
    I have to say that I enjoyed this road race the most and am slowly becoming a fan of them.

    SHY how lucky are you to live near a track and have your son live near one too….if the “Jeff Gordon Signature Track” gets done I will be near a track too….and in seventh heaven LOL (they are supposed to be breaking ground this fall).

  4. Red Zone says:

    I think I was more impressed with Ambroses’ run you mentioned.

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