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Who do we believe these days?

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June 2009
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Who to believe these days….

If you have read the Internet news sites the past couple days here are some of the things you have read…..the 9 car will be a Toyota by the end of July, since Petty has only enough parts for one more of the new Dodge engines…….. RCR has filed suit against GM for all the money GM owes RCR…………..Kahne is going to Stewart / Haas racing as a 3rd team…………Toyota is leaving the Truck series and the Nationwise series……………Team Red Bull is going to Chevy…………….

Gibbs to field 4th car for Montoya like MWR does for Ambrose……….Well who do you believe? From here in my little corner of the world, I see it this way…..the 9 will be a Dodge till the end of the year after that…who knows,….RCR has filed papers with the court system but it is NOT a lawsuit, it is standard paper work filed by creditors during a bankruptcy ,……Stewart ?Haas may be looking at a 3rd team in the future and who will drive for them is unknown, but my guess will be that Kesolowski will be the wheel man with help from HMS, and since Stewart ?Haas already gets help from HMS it seems like a good fit…….Toyota may pull $$$$ from the two lower divisions of NASCAR but don’t see them pulling out completely…..Team Red Bull team manager Jay Frye has had a long association with HMS so them going to Chevy could be a possibility since Red Bull has tons and tons of money laying around over there in Austria………and the Gibb’s deal with JPM…. just don’t see that happening.

There has been lot’s of speculation all year long on different teams and where the economy would leave them, but some of these idea’s seem to be pipe dreams of some sports writer who reads about racing a few times a year. I don’t have a crystal ball, and I won’t get into the game of predicting the future, but some where along the way we got to laugh at some of the idea’s I have heard.

One idea I have heard that really does make sense is the one about HMS stopping racing and turning into a supplier for other teams. That would be in line with what “brainless Brian France” wants for NASCAR, all the cars the same ……but I dont see it happening any time soon. HMS the Fastenal of NASCAR….. has ring to it don’t it?

I guess we will just have to sit back and watch and see what happens.

Now we head for New Hampshire…. tough track to get set up for we will see how it works out. Will keep you posted on all the funny rumors I hear….


the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    This is the same as the Hot Stove League in baseball. The slowing of the economy has contributed much to all the crazy rumors.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Right on Doc – as I’v said Many Many times
    lets just wait and see what happens.
    Good post dr.

  3. Shynloco says:

    Well dr, I like the way you think. I believe your assessments are much more accurate to the ways things will turn out. The only one thought I have a problem with is the idea that Hendricks will stop racing and become a supplier. I just believe the entire Henrick organization has racin in their blood and though it is a business, it’s still about winning races with your own teams. And for the record, I could give CRAP what happens to Toyota teams including JGR. Lastly, I think it would be AWESOME to see Kasey Kahn driving for Stewart-Haas. Good job dr. Love that level headed thinkin!

  4. SithLord196 says:

    While I don’t see the JPM to a Gibbs car happening either, a boy can dream, can’t he?

  5. Red Zone says:

    Childress has said that his “suit” against GM was taken way out of context. Since GM is in bankruptcy, he had to file paperwork saying how much they owed him. He said it was a formality done in bankruptcy proceedings and went on to say that he’s a Chevy and GM guy and will continue to be.

  6. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Ditto to what SHY said.
    I agree about waiting and seeing what happens….especially since all the makes are in major upheaval…..even what is in the works today could change by circumstance next week.
    I wanted Truex to be the SHR 3rd driver…looks like that is not going to happen…..I want him in a Chevy no matter where he ends up, but guess that is not going to happen eithor. Damnit.
    I am going to wait and see so I don’t get too depressed for nothing LOL
    Good thinking dr.

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