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NASCAR is backing up today!!!!

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NASCAR is backing up today!!!!!!

In two revelations revealed today NASCAR is standing there wondering “why did I ever let it get this far?”. U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen granted Mayfield’s motion Wednesday for a preliminary injunction to force the sanctioning body to lift his indefinite suspension for a test that NASCAR says was positive for methamphetamines. What ? Really? Wow NASCAR really looks bad with egg on its face.

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said ““We are disappointed, but we respect the judge’s ruling ,This is only a temporary injunction. The legal case continues beyond this point, and we will continue to make our case.” oh please NASCAR admit you screwed up and go on with it, besides if you think about it, whether you like Mayfield or not why would he step out on a limb like he has,while knowing that NASCAR has had it out for him for a while, if he was not guilty? I know I wouldn’t put myself through what he has. Nope not gonna happen.

I said a few weeks ago that there was more to this than meets the eye.

Also in the news today was that NASCAR lifted the suspension of Rusty Wallace Racing crew chief Bryan Berry who was accused of using a racial slur against Nationwise series driver Marc Davis who happens to be black. The suspension was supposed to be indefinitly but it seems that sure isn’t the case. It is ok to use a racial slur in todays politically correct world but don’t you dare have a engine .017 over bore! FREE Carl Long!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least … Bill Webber is not going to be back for any of the races on TNT this year…. yipee!!!!!! now if we could just get rid of Wally ……….

Note from the editor…. The number of blogs I have posted the past week has been limited due to a problem with my right wrist, I will be having surgery on it when I come back from Vacation .



the dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    I don’t like Mayfield one bit – BUT if your guilty
    you mdon’t fight as hard as he has,,I do like the
    fact that NASCAR not only got egg on it’s face,,
    but got it shoved up France’s ASS.
    Thanks Dr

  2. Shynloco says:

    Let me start with Bill Webber…the guy that replaced him is as livily as an undertaker in a graveyard. That prerace show is simply HORRIBLE and the ESPN guys at least keep it entertaining at times.

    Now as to Jeremy Mayfield and this blood test thing. From what I’m hearing and reading about this entire mess, Mayfield got himself an attorney who must also do Criminal Defense stuff. That simply means this attorney know his craft much better when it comes to challenging blood tests similar to those tactics used when defending someone against criminal charges of drug influence and DUI. Hence this guy goes in and raises questions about a testing procedures used in criminal cases, versus lax and simple procedures such as those used by your medical doctor when he tells you to go get a blood test. The differences are signicant as far as evidentury values go for admitting results into evidence in a court of law. NASCAR (I suspect) were using an unstructured procedure that wouldn’t come close to passing muster in a criminal proceeding simply because they would not be seeking criminal sanctions against Mayfield. The costs involved are more as well and when they got to the good Judge, Mayfield’s Attorney promoted far more strict standard by showing the weaknesses in the testing procedures used. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE RESULTS WERE WRONG. Hence Mayfield’s attorney sold the Judge a bill of goods and made it seem like the big rich and mighty NASCAR were out to pound this poor lowly person into the ground. The result, a HORSESHIT ruling because the test results were never challenged on it’s own merits, rather the testing procedure itself raised issues. In short, NASCAR has now had to change the manner in which they test and adopt a very strict and stringent process of drawing blood, keeping tight controls over the samples and finally using a strict prcedure and documenting each and every step of the testing procedure. NASCAR got blindsided on this deal and they deserved it because of their pompous belief of being invinceable. Once thing for sure, God help the next guy they test because he’ll be jumpoing through all sorts of hoops and bullshit thanks to Mayfield’s attorney.
    And Oh yeah….I can’t stand Jeremy Mayfield mostly because of the Evernham and Penske history. I’d love to see him drummed out of NASCAR, but at the same time, do it right NASCAR and leave no doubt he’s a drug user who doesn’t belong on a race track. If you can’t make the case, let him continue to race because history has already shown us this guy is his own worst enemy.

  3. Little E~Big M fan says:

    SHY…very well said……finally, an explanation that makes sense, clears up the grey areas, and addresses the real situation.

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