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August 2009
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Shake up at RPM coming?

RPM spokesperson told reporters that there may be some personel shifts going on in the coming weeks in all “except “ the team that is in the chase.

Lets look at what they have to work with over there……

19 Team Kevin Buskirk who has worked with Sadler before, and it was thought that the chemistry these 2 had would help bring Sadler and the 19 car back from the dead. Hasn’t worked.

43 Team Mike Shiplett they thought he could work the magic with the 43 team and Newcomer Reed Sorenson, that he did with rookie wonder Kasey Kahne in 2006 when he lead the team to 6 wins. He is also the one who blasted Patrick Carpentier last year for not trying to get the car in the field at ‘Dega. Hasn’t worked here either.

44 Team Sammy Johns he came to RPM in 2001 as a testing and research team leader, then stepped in and guided rookie Casey Atwood to a pole but that was bout it, he then served as Jeremy Mayfield’s crew chief in 2002, at various times he has served as Tech director, r&d team leader, now he is trying to get A.J. Almendinger in the 44 car to run good. Hasn’t worked here either.

Now can playing musicial chairs here do any good? Who knows….. but it don’t seem all is lost over there. The 9 car is in the chase, for now.

Now the word gets out that the 2 crew chief’s from the 43 and 44 will swap crews and crew chief’s …hummmmmm now that may work, Shiplett will get A.J. Fired up like he did Kasey Kahne, when Kasey won 6 races.

Will Sammy John be able to get thru to Reed Sorenson? I doubt it, but this trade does make sense for one team.

And what about the 42 car of JPM??? this man is possessed…. he has been on a roll like he has never had in his 3 years of NASCAR. And he is focused on the chase , and that is what it is gonna take him to get there and stay there. Here is a driver who come from F-1 and learned the hard way how to get one of these cars to go…but now he has it figured out he is getting pretty dangerous, he might even win the chase. He is that good but is he that lucky? Got to have some luck along the way.


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    I think JPM’s success lies within the change in manufacturers. IMO, he’s always had the talen, minus the equipment. Now, he’s clicking on all cylinders.

    I’m happy to see Kahne currently in the Chase.. But, I know Elliot Sadler has more talent than he’s showing.. Out of all of RPM’s Teams.. I hope he turns out the best of the 3 that’s struggling….

  2. Jack says:

    You could be right on the money about Shiplett. Sounds a little like Sith got to you in Pennsylvania this summer. LOL I do agree Montoya has the tools to be a contender but I don’t see him winning the Chase.

  3. Shynloco says:

    Asto JPM and a man on a mission, it strikes me he’s a living example of how drivers from other racing disciplines sometime have no idea what it takes to manuever one of these 3500 lb beasts around a race track and when is the right time to be aggressive. I like Juan and felt he would be a great example of what it takes to drive a Cup car. Lots of people make ignorant remarks, even from other types of racing, yet they couldn’t make the switchover. Look at Dario Franchitti and any Formula One driver including Michael Schumacher. Juan has finally come around to understand that just because you can claim a championship in the IRL, Formula One, Off-Road or whatever, doesn’t mean you are instant success in NASCAR. It takes hard work and yes talent to win races and a WHOLE BUNCH OF LUCK! Looks like the man has arrived and is now READY to compete. Before he was just driving around in circles.

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