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August 2009
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My aunt always said “if you can’t say nothin nice, then don’t say nothin at all” well, I am not one to argue with my aunt but I don’t think my aunt knew who David Stremme was. This man is a crash waiting for a place to happen. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a second, and look at how he has done this year.

He has finished on the lead lap 3 times during the year, he hasn’t started any higher than 11th coming into the Glen, he hasn’t finished any higher than 13th in any race this year. But if you got points for causing a wreck, spinning out, hitting another car, then he would surely be leading the points. Face it the only reason he got the ride was he was the R&D driver for Penske last year since he couldn’t find a ride of his own, Penske had him on payroll and Justin Algaier wasn’t quite ready for the seat yet, and since Stremme was the 2003 ROY in Cup I guess Penske figured he can’t be “that” bad. Well this is one time “the Capitan” was wrong. I mean look at his resume , yeah it looks good, …..Stremme’s first stock car victory came in the early 1990’s at New Paris Speedway, while behind the wheel of his mother’s street stock ride. He won in Moma’s car!!!!! guess she had a good set up in the car for him cause he sure didn’t know how to do it. His highest finish ever in cup was an 8th and that was in 2006, a year where he didn’t make either of the two road races, then he was replaced by Dario Franchitti of all people.

Now seriously I hate to bash a driver, I know how hard it is to run at that level,but this just can’t get it done. Last year he decided he would do like lot’s of the Cup drivers and buy a dirt team, well he went looking during the off season and wound up buying the dirt team of Randy “the dream “ Weaver, had all the cars painted up with Stremme Motorsports, then couldn’t pay the bills, leaving a top dirt team to try an find a sponsor at the start of the year before the first race!

And this year he has been a moving chicane, will he have a ride for next year?? I think not.

A tip of the hat to Tony Stewart on his win today at The glen, and a really big “atta boy” to the Marcos Ambrose team for making the announcers look stupid for them saying at the first round of pit stops that he was doomed using the stratagy he was using, guess that’s why they are in the booth in stead of being on top of a box in the pits or in a seat on the track.

After the hit that the 24 of Jeff Gordon took today I think his days as a driver are getting real close to being over, but hey it has been a good run ,he has won ton’s of races got a few Cups on his wall, weathered a divorce, got him a super model(even if she is a foot taller than him)got a beautiful little girl, he don’t need to race much longer the man has made his mark. And a high mark it is.

Another tip of the hat to a couple drivers who had days they might of liked to forgotten, Dale Jr, who lost his brakes and creamed the 43 of Reed Sorenson getting into a turn, but he was man enough to say he was sorry, and he started to run over to the 43 car to say he was sorry when the 43 car drove off, poor Dale Jr’s car was stuck in the fence.

And a big tip of the hat to another driver Kasey Kahne, who got loose coming off the turn and got into Sam Hornish which caused the huge pileup that got the 24 of Gordon, among others. Kahne told his crew over the radio to go tell Hornish he was sorry,and he also went and told him in person after the race.

Not a bad race even if it was run on Monday, now we go back to round -y-round racing!

And for those of you who have wrote me asking bout the wrist and the surgery thanks for your kind words and it is almost back to 100%.

CYA @ the races!

The dr.


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  1. Red Zone says:

    It hit me this morning reading your article. Stremme looks like a guy I know that has a nice personality (it’s hard not to like the guy). But he seems to know everything about everything. Penske will get tired of paying to fix wrecked cars and eventually, like you said, move Algaier up. Gordon’s wreck was wicked. It seemed like he was still a little out of breath in his interview at the infield car center.

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