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It’s Kez at Michigan!

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August 2009
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The Kez whips them at home!!!!

Jr. Motorsports driver Brad Keslewoski flat put it on the 2 Toyota drivers of Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch today in the Nationwide series race at Michigan. Man what a race, not much til the last 4 or 5 laps but that alone made it worth while. I now have a new found respect for Brian Vickers that boy can drive a race car! He had the 32 Dollar General stores Toyota slideways the last 5 laps in every turn and Busch would reel him in only to have Vickers drive away. All the while the Kez was a coming and coming hard, while the 2 Toyota’s battled and fought for the win the Go car rolled up and took it! Kez only took 2 tires on his last stop and everyone else took 4 but Tony Eury Sr. knew what he was doing putting the Kez up front with the track position that the 2 tire stop gave him. And as the trio came to the white flag , Keslewoski held his line driving up top high wide and handsome and drove around the 2 leaders, and he didn’t have to hold them off coming to the checkered since the 32 of Vickers was holding the 18 of Busch off on his own. While they battled Kez went on to win on his home track in front of home town fans for the first time.

After the race Busch with his usual childish temper slid into the 32 car and jumped out running over to scream at Vickers before Vickers could get out. But once Vickers was out Kyle Busch grabbed his visor then walked away, at a fast pace….he did stick around for the T.V. Interview and no he wasn’t happy as he name called Vickers calling him “stupid”, but he did admit he was whining and crying. All the while Brad Keslewoski was driving to Victory Lane.

Now if the Cup guys can put on a show like this on Sunday then we are in store for one hell of a race!

Cya@the races.

The dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Oh dr I agree with you ALL the way,,I just love it when
    the puke get nit put on him,,WAAA WAAA all the way
    home = ^5 to Brad..thanks dr

  2. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Only caught the last bit of the race (got company) but it sure was interesting. The post race was good too.
    The dr, you described it perfectly.
    Had to laugh at the comment that the 88 did not deserve to win. Good tire strategy by Eury Sr and Brad driving hard at the end….he sure did deserve the win.

  3. Ted says:

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