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The dr goes LIVE on the radio!

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September 2009
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The dr goes live on the radio!

Last night I had the honor of working( like you could call it that) with the announcer of Boyd’s Speedway

Steve Milling on his local radio show on WGOW 102.3 the Chattanooga State Motorsports Hour. It is an hour long radio call in show that covers all forms of racing. The regular co-host was sick so Steve asked me to fill in. I was over joyed to do it, it helped me check off another thing off my bucket list.

I need to lay out the day for you to help you understand what a day I had yesterday, first thing I started off my day by going to Memorial Hospital for arthroscopic knee surgery, (which I kept from Steve for fear he would not want me to do the radio show,) but I got home about 3 pm, from the surgery which went very well I might add, thanks Dr Hartley of the Center for sports and orthopedic medicine he got the dr all fixed up! I was never nervious about the radio show but I was about the surgery, anyway… I digress….back to the show, I showed up at the station about 6:30 and met with Steve and he filled me in on how the show would go, we watched as the show before ours finished up and when it did, Steve guided my crutch weilding self to the “booth” I had watch many shows thru the stations webcams so I knew what it looked like but to be there was very special to me…then the time came to go on the air! I slipped the headphones on and away we went, we covered sprint cars that will be coming to Boyd’s this weekend and the Ga Mini Sprints that ewill be there too… we took a few calls from area fans I actually answered a couple tech type questions and boom it was over! I could of done that all night long! It was greeat!

Steve Milling and the dr after the show.

Steve Milling and the dr after the show.

Thanks to “Cowboy” Joe Varner for taking the photo.

Although it was one of the toughest days I have been thru in a long time it was worth every bit of it! Not sure if I was any good but man it was fun!

So should you need something to do next Wednesday night at 7 pm give Steve a listen and go out and catch him as he calls the races at Boyd’s there are 2 show’s left this season and you should try and catch one of them, I know I will be listening to both of them!!!!

cya@the races!

The dr.



  1. Jack says:

    You did a great job. I listened to the entire hour and you sounded like a pro. You fielded the tech question perfectly. Detected absolutely no nervousness in your voice at all. If Steve ever needs a fill in guy in the future, I would say he would not hesitate to ask you to sit in again.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Just when you think it’s over –another radio host pops up- lord when will it end – LMAO Damn good show Dr = you have a hidden talent..all kidding aside you did a real good job all except 1 = the damn Picture LOL
    The SLY 1

  3. FLETCH346 says:

    Next up…… Wind Tunnel! i wish that I could’ve tuned in.. do they have it taped so people can go listen to it?

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