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is NASCAR getting smart?

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September 2009
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NASCAR has started to get smart…..

NASCAR lowers age limit for some series: NASCAR announced it was implementing a Learner’s Permit License for its NASCAR Whelen All-American Series tracks beginning in 2010. The license will lower the age-limit for NASCAR-sanctioned tracks’ entry-level division from 16-years-old to 14. The change provides an intermediate step for young drivers looking to make the move from non-NASCAR beginner-level racing series to running at their NASCAR home track. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series is NASCAR’s national championship program for its more than 55 sanctioned short tracks across North America. More than 10,000 drivers compete in the series annually.(NASCAR)

By allowing this it will keep some of the up and coming young guns like Chase Elliott , and the 2 Dillon boys ( both Grandsons to Richard cChildress )in a NASCAR ride. They ain’t completely stupid. But the way they are doing it is following along the NASCAR way, where they have complete control over the deal, they call it a learners permit… yeah right call it what it really is a conditional license. So that NASCAR can control who gets them and where they race . They are simply trying to keep the new and up coming young guns from going anywhere BUT NASCAR. Is it fair? Who knows but it is the way NASCAR has decided to do things….

the dr.


  1. Shynloco says:

    Well, I think you are right on point dr! I tend to get a negative feeling about this one, partly because of the age of the drivers. Personally, I believe 14 is too young and should be kicked up to 15 1/2. I was that age when I got my first license in Dallas to be riding motorscooters on the city street. NASCAR needs to rethink this one as I wouldn;t want to see 14 years olds (not that anyone in their right minds was going to do it) driving full sized race cars on a track in competition. We see 18 year olds doing thing they know not to do. Imagine a 15 years old pulling some of these lame stunts. Hell we’ve got 30 years olds being just as stupid!

    • drflavio309 says:

      Shy there is a big difference in racing and drving on the street as I am sure you know, we have some kids around here who are 14 even one 13 year old who are damn good race car drivers. and most of them come frim racing families who have schooled these kids in all forms of driving..I think it will be better for them in the long run but nascar does need to set some standard before lettingtg youngsters in to cup….NASCAR want them in NASCAR and this is the way they can do it.. plus i bet drivers like martin( whos son matt may be driving) richard childress ( who has 2 grandsons up and coming) and Bill Elliott who haS chase well on his way all may of had something to dowith this rule change…..
      thanks for thecomments
      the dr.

      • Shynloco says:

        I hear ya, but there is one thing that tends to have a huge affect on natural talent….that is MATURITY, something that only comes with age. 15 1/2 is a few more days down the road from 14 and 18 is even more. I realize you could make the argument, “look at Joey Logano!” When I look at Joey Logano and compare him to the average drivers in the lower NASCAR brackets, he’s one in a million. Joey has incredible driving talent and his decision making is damn good for his age, compared to many of the drivers in say the ARCA series. SO I suppose car owners need to look at all the drivers in the up and coming brackets in search of the next Joey Logano so when he’s old enough, they can draft him into the big boys league. I’m just saying it great that they are “grooming” the 14 yr olds. But there seems to be a trend afoot of lowering the age thing for reasons like you pointed out, grandsons and family of the folks with the money. Thats an aspect that doesn’t settle well with me. Its the talent and MATURITY that should matter, not your blood line. We’ve got enough with drivers like Steven Wallace running around.

      • One could also argue the opposite. The younger you start them, the more experience they will have. That experience may very well keep them from making the stupid mistakes when they are eighteen that drivers without that extra experience may make!

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