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RPM to Ford for 2010!

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September 2009
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RPM to Ford in 2010!

In 2010 RPM will field Fords for drivers Kasey Kahne , Elliott Sadler, A.J. Almindinger and Pauol Menard, Paul Menard? Where did he come from? Well he comes from the “merger” of Yates and RPM. Actually it is a take over not a perger, but either way Ford will be the Car of choice for next year. All this leaves 2 drivers with out a ride, Bobby Labonte who has up til now drove the Hall of Fame racing Ford out of Yates shops, and Reed Sorenson who has been driving the 43 for RPM. Menard brings “daddy’s Money” to the table and since teams are only allowed 4 teams for 2010 someone has to go.

I think this will be a good move for RPM , yeah I am a Ford fan and I know I bleed Ford blue but really Dodge has been in trouble for a while, both with money and in racing, they say they remain commited to NASCAR but they just don’t have their act together with the new motor program, and with the new Ford motor coming this bodes well for RPM, who thru the past year has only lacked in the motor dept. now they will have the motors to go run down the big boys. You can read the press release here

Ford has invested tons of money in the new motor program and now RPM can get the benefits of all this hard work Ford has done.

Kahne showed last week at Atlanta that the desire is still there to run good and win and I think you will see more of that tonight at Richmond. Look for the 9 car to be solidly in the chase with a few bonus points under his belt.

Cya@the races.

The dr.



  1. Jason says:

    Penske’s all that’s left in the Dodge stable now, I really wonder how much longer they’re going to stick it out before jumping to another manufacturer.

    Hate to see Labonte getting the boot in favor of a still-unproven driver like Menard, but I guess these days having a guaranteed sponsor for the entire year is more important than a driver who can run up front but can’t draw a consistent sponsor.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Kinda looks like Ford is trying to make a BIG comeback in the racin – well see – this has to happen every once in awhile – it helps racing and car sales..Another good Blog Dr.

  3. Little E~Big M fan says:

    A friend of mine does blogs on track histories. In the stats section of his blogs, Dodge has consistently had the extremely lowest track wins by car make. Ford has mostly been 2nd to GM, but often a close 2nd. I have always thought that Ford was better than Dodge, even before I read those stats. If I ever swayed from GM, I would go to a Ford.
    IMHO, this is a major step up for RPM and I am glad to see it. Dr…just wait and see what KK can do in a Ford. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” LOL

  4. Shynloco says:

    Of the names you listed, are you sure Elliot Sadler will still be with RPM after this season? I like Elliot, but he’s been simply aweful this year and Petty needs more wins to keep it going. Casey is the only SERIOUS contender who can revive that team with AJ a ways back. The only way Menard is going to make anything happen is if Daddy keeps his wallet open. It sure ain’t gonna be his son’s driving ability. Has that guy EVER won a Cup Race. I think not.

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