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Martin wins the 1st one!

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September 2009
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Martin wins the first one….

Here is what the chase points look like as of now…

  1. #5-Mark Martin [5 wins], 5230, finished 1st at New Hampshire
    2) #48-Jimmie Johnson [3 wins], 5195, -35, 4th
    3) #11-Denny Hamlin [2 wins], 5195, -35, 2nd
    4) #42-Juan Pablo Montoya, 5175, -55, 3rd
    5) #2-Kurt Busch [1 win], 5165, -65, 6th
    6) #14-Tony Stewart [3 wins], 5156, -74, 14th
    7) #39-Ryan Newman, 5151, -79, 7th
    8) #83-Brian Vickers [1 win], 5140, -90, 11th
    9) #16-Greg Biffle, 5138, -92, 9th
    10) #24-Jeff Gordon [1 win], 5128, -102, 15th
    11) #99-Carl Edwards, 5117, -113, 17th
    12) #9-Kasey Kahne [2 wins], 5069, -161, 38th

#18-Kyle Busch, who missed making the Chase by just eight points, finished 5th in the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. But the left front of the #18 M&M’s Toyota was too low in post-race inspection, and he could be penalized by NASCAR this week, usually announced on Tuesday afternoons We will see how this works out. NASCAR needs to start cracking down on points and penalties with this sort of stuff not just money.

I have had to watch the race via DVR and not live due to other things but one thing I have noticed is the aggression that was displayed by Juan Pablo Montoya, he drove all over Jeff Burton getting into 3 and 4, and he seems just a tad too aggressive yeah I know he wants to win but there is a fine line between racing and driving over your head.

Broke my heart to see the 9 car grenade an engine but hey better now than in 4 or 5 races from now.

A big tip of the hat to the 19 team for a top ten finish despite getting turned when the 20 car of Lagano ran out of talent and took out a bunch of cars.

And man what a parking job by the combo of Kurt Busch and David Ragan… that was almost funny,

Since we have had soooo much rain this week all the local tracks around here were closed due to the monsoon type weather we have had.

Versus channel has signed a deal with NASCAR to highlight the Chase drivers during the Chase next year with a half hour show.

Have a good week and …

Cya@the races!!!!

the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Agree with JPM being overly aggressive. He had a good enough car that he didn’t need to be aggressive.

    Ruetimann found himself unable to hang onto it a couple of time and getting into others as well.

    The Kurt Busch / David Ragan incident was crazy!! Although, Bowyer was lucky that half of his crew wasn’t taken out. I can only imagine what was going through Bowyer’s head as he looked out the front of his car and was facing Ragan as he pitted.

    Hated to see Kahne blow up but I guess JPM could rest a little easier after that, considering their pasts.. LOL

    Finally, CONGRATS to Mark Martin on his tremendous win. I feel like it’s his Chase to lose. If everyone thinks back to the beginning of the season and the struggles the #5 Team had.. Just look at them now!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    I have to mimic Fletch – but I was real glad to see JPM not
    put the fender to Martin, he raced him clean,good to see.
    I thought it was a great race,and give a big thumbs up to Mark,old is good boys,,,LMAO,,good blog Dr.
    The SLY 1

  3. SithLord196 says:

    I think if JPM wasn’t stuck that far back he wouldn’t have been as aggressive. Just my opinion. NASCAR already took 2nd away from him when it’s clear as day he had a nose ahead of Hamlin when the caution flew.

    Look on the bright side though, he wouldn’t punt Mark Martin to win even though he’s desperate. As far as I’m concerned though to all those people whom said “He can’t hack it in a stock car!”… Well look who’s laughing now!

  4. jbcom says:

    Could this be Mark’s year??? Hope so!

  5. Shynloco says:

    Thanks for all the info, but Versus refused to renew their contract with Direct TV and hence they are no longer on that satelite station any longer. Guess koney was a dispute and they told Direct TV to take and hike and they did. And to Sith’s comment, Hamlin did have second, but lifted coming out of turn 4 as Allmendinger was finally pulling away and NASCAR had not frozen the field yet as JPM pulled ahead by a nose and hence Hamlin came in third. Typical NASCAR BS and inconsistency.

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