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Phantom yellows????

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October 2009
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Yellow flags?????

Now in my over 40 years of being around racing in all forms, the yellow flag has meant caution, warning, there is a issue drivers need to be aware of. It causes drivers to slow and stop on track battles, wait to see what the problem is, well in Sundays race at Fontana there has been some concern that NASCAR threw a caution for no reason other than to bunch the field up to, “liven up’ the event. Kasey Kahne took exception to this and blasted NASCAR with this comment,

“We worked hard all day, got ourselves in a good position. I think it was going to be a good points day, and NASCAR threw a debris caution for no debris, which caused Kurt Busch to hit the wall, which caused me to go to the grass and Greg Biffle. And from there, that caused the whole next wreck on the front stretch. It’s disappointing that we had a bad race because of a caution to put a show on for the fans. That’s a good part of the sport, we have to keep the fans excited, but sometimes it ruins people’s days, and today it was our day.

Well Scene Daily’s Jeff Gluck says he see’s no problems with “phantom Cautions” … is this guy serious? Or has he fallen and hit his head? Well let me clue this “guy “ in on what the yellow means….

“ The solid yellow flag, or caution flag, universally requires drivers to slow down due to a hazard on the track

Key word is “ hazard “ on the track, now if there is no “hazard” why throw a caution? So it can bunch the field up? NOT!!!! NASCAR saw fit years ago to stop racing back to the yellow when a driver almost got killed, and now they have decided to start throwing them “just to bunch up “ the field. HORSE FEATHERS!!!!!! again it will get some one hurt but it don’t seen to affect the powers that be at NASCAR because they have gotten off the concern for drivers well being and are now worried more about the $$$$$$$$$

Gluck stated in his “commentary “ that

“Personally, I don’t have a problem with “phantom” cautions. If NASCAR is looking for an excuse to bring all the cars back together and create some excitement with a double-file restart, I’m totally OK with that.

Well there Mr. Gluck have you ever raced? Nope… have you ever been involved with a race team? Nope….. so what do you know? Nothing other than what NASCAR tells you to say….

Yellow flags are for when something is wrong, not to bunch up a field, Fans want excitement, real honest excitement, not excitement created by NASCAR.

Mr. Gluck also says”

In some cases, a debris caution is a less blatant way to call a timeout. Other sports have timeouts to reset the action. What’s wrong with using the debris caution to inject some action into an otherwise boring race?

Well timeouts are not a way to reset the action in any other sport. When a team calls a timeout in the fourth quarter, they don’t reset the score to put them within a touchdown. They don’t get to catch up with the team in front of them. The timeout is to give them extra time to come up with a plan to stop the other team. All a “ time out in NASCAR would cause is wrecking, and wrecking is not good racing

Persona;;y I don’t like Jimmie Johnson, but I would rather see him win by 3 laps than see a caution thrown like it was Sunday, it cost lots of drivers a shot at a good points race and RPM 4 cars. But hey Jeff Gluck don’t mind it so it is ok… sounds like a NASCAR lackey to me.

And what was up with NASCAR telling the 9 crew they could not work on their car? That there wasn’t enough time to fix it …. Kenny Francis told Kahne on the radio that “NASCAR won’t let us fix the car when the yellow comes back out” what is up with that? Seems they are taking the “governing body” a little to far….

tell you what NASCAR how about we all admit publicly that your God and you give us back the real racing …. like it is supposed to be? Oh yeah, find somewhere for Gluck so we don’t have to hear or read his slanted ramblings anymore……he is on your payroll right??


The dr.



  1. SithLord196 says:

    Easy solution… Ditch this shitty ass car that produces bad racing, and ditch tracks like California, Michigan, and Chicago that are boring as hell.

    California and Chicago are in a tie as to which I hate more… Love IndyCar at both but NASCAR is terrible at them.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    GOOD LORD!! ! Sounds like a Dictatorship where NASCAR is involved!! My word.. IS THE WORD, and when I say what’s to happens it happens and I will control the outcome!!!
    Ditch NASCAR’s Dumbass Rules and throw a Caution when a REAL CAUTION is warranted!!
    We can send Men and Missiles to the moon but we can’t see that it’s a water bottle, a seat cushion, a neck roll cushion or a torn piece of seat cushion sitting out on the track?!! PLEASE!

  3. Shynloco says:

    Why is it that some people who have never been to a NASCAR Race (or any other sanctioned race) at Fontana, badmouth and talk shit about our track here in CA? Sunday’s race wasn’t boring first of all and the turnout was great. We enjoy racing and support NASCAR as much or probably even more than you folks do anyway. So if you don’t like the place, don’t watch cause we’re gonna keep comin and watchin races AT FONTANA till the cows come home!

  4. SLY 1 says:

    Dr a informative Blog,I won’t comment,because I must not have been watching the same race.

  5. Red Zone says:

    Phantom cautions need to go just like Brian France. It’s crap to do that. It gives the appearance of trying to fix a race. It’s like if a football team gets a big lead so the refs call phantom penalities to give the team behind a chance to score and make it a closer, more exciting game. That’s crap and so is bunching the field just for the sake of doing so.

  6. Shynloco says:

    Not to be a Smartass or know it all, but I was at the race when that cuation came out. As I was told at the time, the caution was “debris” and later determined to be a waterbottle. Given the location of the alleged waterbottle, ain’t no fan seats nearby that could have sent that puppy onto the track. So that leaves us with only the drivers themselves. SO who threw the darn thing or how did it get there? Past experiences have shown up drivers will do horseshit things like that if not on purpose, but from habit. I dislike “Phantom” cautions as well, but at the same time, if theres crap on the track, get it off before you let people driver 200 mph on it.

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