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NASCAR Hall of Fame…

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October 2009
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Hall of Fame inductees….

Ok the big news today has been the hall of fame inductees they are as follows….

Big Bill france Sr.

bill France Jr.

Richard Petty

Jr Johnson

dale Earnhardt Sr.

Ok lets look at the Hall of Fame… why do they only pick 5 people for the first class of inductees? Stupid stupid stupid…. but it’s NASCAR right? I got no issues at all with the France boys hell they founded NASCAR and rode the helm for years, and Jr Johnson, well he is a legend for sure, shoot even Richard Petty is a legend of the sport, but Dale Sr.??? really?? I know I will get crap about this BUT… look I am not saying he don’t deserve to be in he does, just not in the first class, get the pioneers in there … the ones who made it possible for Dale Sr. to do what he done. And why only 5 ?? that in itself is stupid, make the first class of inductee’s 10, and you please everyone. You can then get the legend’s of the sport and the pioneers plus a fan favorite. But noooooo NASCAR is going to do it how THEY want to do it. But thats ok…. most of the real legends of the sport are in a Hall of Fame else where.\

If I would have had anything at all to do with it here is my list of inductee’s for the first class … all 10 of them!

1 Bill France Sr.

2 Bill France Jr.

3 Red Byron

4 Tim Flock

5 Robbie Flock

6 Richard Petty

7 Glenn Wood

8 Jr Johnson

9 Fireball Roberts

10 the dr….. oops how did that get in there???

10 Dale Sr.

Now that is some old some new and it covers the pioneers of the sport and some of the recent drivers. It pleases everyone, and it makes good sense, and from here on out the class will be limited to 5 inductee’s per year. The vote should have some percentage of fan votes in it somehow…members of NASCAR and a committee of some sorts made up of past members and writers.

Man they leave it to the dr to figure everything out…. I should be on the payroll….

Cya@the races

the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    dr., I agree with you 100%!
    Dale Sr. inducted before the likes of the legends that laid the groundwork, David Pierson, Lee & Cale Yarborough, Joe Weatherly, The Baker Boys, Tiny Lund & the list goes on that should be inducted before Dale.
    I’m saying Dale doesn’t belong but he doesn’t belong there before the legends that came before him.

  2. noydbyj says:

    I’m still plugging Herb Thomas!

  3. SLY 1 says:

    Agreed,,you know I’am a #1 fan of Dale,but he didn’t lay the ground work for Nascar,,he was a FAN FAVORITE,I think the should have put some people from differant classes of Nascar,like the Modified division,,= Richie Evans,No one ever come close to the championships he won,,or ever will.
    Thats just my opinion,which isn’t worth much.

  4. Jack says:

    Tim Flock, Lee Petty, Herb Thomas, Buck Baker, David Pearson, Cale Yarborough and a few more should make it before Dale Sr. Amen

  5. Shynloco says:

    These kinds of disputes could easily have been averted had they inducted the 1 0 most deserving people in the history of NASCAR. I agree 100% with the dr and David Peasron should have been in the top five and MY HERO, Dale Earnhardt thereafter. Certainly Lee Petty belongs somewhere in the midst of the top five and even perhaps ahead of Richard, for without Lee, Richard would never have been. This is typical of what some call “popularity contests” or “politics” and I believe if you want history, let history in time be your guide and not how many races somebody won, etc, etc, etc.

  6. SithLord196 says:

    Both Frances should have been in no questions asked, without a ballot.

    Richard Petty belongs in.

    As does Junior Johnson.

    Dale Sr. should NOT be on the first ballot though.

  7. Little E~Big M fan says:

    Sorry folks but I am very happy to see Dale Sr in the first group….but I agree it should be 10 first time around, not 5.
    The first sentence of Shy’s comments says it best.

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