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Best thing to happen to dirt!!!!

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October 2009
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The BEST thing to happen to racing in years!~!!!

There is a man in Whiteland Indiana who years ago changed the way people raced, with his revolutionary thinking, and some fast race cars. Well this man has struck again!

Enter C. J. Rayburn, and his NASRA (National All Star Racing Assoc.)

This series is designed to equate the open motor dirt late models and the crate motor machines as well as the new generation 525 all aluminum engines through weight breaks and harder compound tires .

C.J. Said a while back he thought that the new 525 motor would run with the best open motors around and Mike Mylar has proved him right. See the results here

This series has come after long and hard planning and preperation by C.J. Rayburn and his crew, this is not some fly by night outfit either this is real honest to God racing, and this is it’s first year next year they are working on getting a full time series sponsor and adding more dates, to what will become the greatest thing to hit dirt racing in years.

You can find rules and spec’s at the NASRA website and get all the details there. C.J. Rayburn is having its annual open house in November from the NASRA website “ NASRA will cap off its Inaugural Season with an Awards Banquet on Friday, November 27, 2009

We will recognize the top racers of the series that evening at CJ Rayburn Race Cars in conjunction with their annual Open House.  The facility is located at 4725 N. Graham Road Whiteland, IN 46184.  Contact phone number is 1-877-828-8232.

We are asking for your support in recognizing these drivers.  We will be presenting awards to our top finishers, and want to offer your company the opportunity to participate.   We are asking for donations of any kind, including products or gift certificates.  All sponsors will be recognized at the banquet, and we will display any company or product banners or literature that you send us.   Most importantly, we extend an invitation to you to attend the banquet and represent your company.

For additional information, please contact CJ at 1-877-828-8232, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Thank you for your support this year.  We hope that you will join us for the evening.

If you can attend you should…I think you might get to see some big names jumping on this ship next year. Good luck to C.J. Rayburn and his crew as they take on this huge task, but what do we expect from this guy? Nothing less…. than the best… C.J. Rayburn Race Cars Stronger than dirt!!!!

Cya@the races

the dr.


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