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Talladega snoozefest.

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November 2009
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NASCAR started the day by telling drivers in the drivers meeting that there had to be daylight between the bumpers on the turns, yeah right, there was for a few laps,they said there would be NO WARNINGS. Well they had warned teams 4 times by the lap 115. On lap 110 the 18,20 and 11 were nose to tail thru both ends and NASCAR warned all teams, not the ones who were breaking the rules.

But on paper I guess the race looked good lots of leaders, lots of lead changes, but to sit and watch it…….. well it was a snooze fest . At least til Ryan Newman got upside down, and then it got a little crazy, but the thing that got me was Newman’s comments when he came out of the infield care center, “this was a boring race for the fans, it was boring for the drivers….. I guess NASCAR don’t like us now” he was not alone lots of drivers were making comments during the race about it being boring, Tony Stewart said he needed something to keep him awake….

Now let’s look at some of my thoughts during the race…..


1 Sadler had a great run with the Ford leading at times and running up front most of the day.

2 Kahne showed he could run up front at will..finishing with a 2nd place finish.

3 The 48 of Johnson didn’t run up front he hung at the back all day and it got him an 8th place finish

4 Cars running out of fuel hurt a bunch of other teams at the end, since when the cars ran out it put off the finish of the race for another lap or two, this happened 3 times, 24 ran out 42 ran out the list goes on…..


All in all not impressed with the race and I am glad its over till next year. Now bring on Texas.



the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    Agreed, that was a sad excuse for a race. The number of empty seats was kind of frightening. Don’t like J.J. but he seemed to be the smartest driver on the track today. I was very impressed with Newmans comments about how Nascar used to let the drivers race and sort things out themselves. He sounded like Tony used to before he became an owner. Tony looks at things in the same light as Nascar. Before the race Stewart said he had no problem with the no pushing through the corners rule layed down an hour or so before race time. Last year he would have been livid.

  2. Little E_Big M fan says:

    It certainly was a snooze fest…..I am not looking for a bunch of crashes….although admittedly some are good to watch…..but today was very boring, even though the finish was the usual helter skelter deal…….btw…they moved JJ up to a 6th place finish….can he get any luckier.
    I was suprised by Newman’s comments….and the adjusted restrictor plate still did not stop an airborne happening.
    I was hoping to see Mikey pushing JJ (in a good way), but it never happened. Mikey did manage a 7th place finish.
    The lack of crowds is very worrisome. And Nascar is slowly choking the drivers with all their rules.

  3. SLY 1 says:

    Dr your blog is great as always – the only thing I can say is IT SUCKED And for Nascar putting a New rule out today just keeps showing us and all the fans that the fix is in for Johnson,,at least thats how I feel,to put a new rule in place for 1 god damned race,is – never mind..look at the empty seat today that says it all.

  4. FLETCH346 says:

    The only racing today was the last 25 laps.. As usual.. NASCAR has castrated it’s drivers.

  5. Jason says:

    One of these days I’m going to learn my lesson and only tune in for the last 20 laps instead of watching the whole race.

    I’d like to think that the powers that be will take some of Newman’s comments to heart, although I know good and well that he only got a private meeting in the red trailer for his troubles. It’s a sad state of affairs when the most exciting thing to happen in a race is when you worry that a driver is dead.

    Meanwhile JJ spent his afternoon, for lack of a better term, b*tch racing. Or driving, not racing, since he didn’t do any racing whatsoever today. And for that he’s awarded a points lead that’s more or less insurmountable. Well, now I’m looking forward to Daytona because I’m done watching this year.

  6. Shynloco says:

    That was a very nice parade I saw last week at Talladega! Hope I don’t see it again any time soon.

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