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Nationwide fiasco…

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November 2009
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Watching the Nationwide Series race today it was sort of funny in how the 88 car of Brad Kezoleski and the 20 Car of Denny “Howdy Doody” Hamlin found each other.

On the last restart, the 20 car runs in and hammers the 88 car in the left rear getting in the corner, well, then the 88 come roaring back to return the favor, the 20 didn’t recover as good as the 88 did and spun. What got me though was the announcers were going on and on about how the 88 car was wrong and the 20 did nothing wrong, watching replay after replay of the turn where the 88 got into the 20, then after a few minutes the crew in the truck showed the contact that started it with the 20 getting into the 88 then they started back stepping.

It was funny to watch, they really need to get some decent announcers, I could be available if needed to fill in but it would not be able to conflict with my radio show …man, I sure miss Benny Parsons……..

Although after the race Kez admited he was returning the favor he said “it has been over as far as I am concerned but it’s not with him(Hamlin)” It seems that Hamlin had a different view, he laughed when told that Kez said that he (hamlin) started it on the restart, he siad “ I could sit here and give you 20 seconds of sound bites but I am just going to wait ,I am glad I signed up to race next weekend at homestead I will deal with it then, there are lots of guys who owe him and I am going to be the first one at the pay window to collect from him” Now that is a direct threat as I see it and this is the sort of thing that needs to be dealt with before they get to the track if not this coming race could be a crash fest and someone could get hurt.


Carl Edward sure had a rocket today and Kyle Busch who spun all by himself could not find his way, by his own admission, he said” I am so lost out here” .Seems kind of hard to do on an oval….. but it is Kyle Busch.

Carl went on to win the race and lead the most laps, but now it seems that all Kyle Busch has to do is show up and start the race and he clinches the title.

I hate to say it but A tip of the dr’s hat to the 18 car he has been really stong all year and he deserves the title after the year he has had. (now will my jinx work??)

Ok lets get ready for the race tomorrow, and hope that somehow Johnson don’t have a good finish.


The dr.


  1. Jason says:

    Any chance of a new rule saying that a driver can only compete for one championship at a time? When Kyle wins this one, that’ll be four Cup series drivers in a row that have won the Busch/Nationwide title. That just doesn’t seem right, somehow.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Dr I see that also,howdy wants to shut his damn mouth befor they call Spencer in to give him a bitch slap,Brad didn’t do a damn thing wrong [ this time ] Hamlin turned into him for a block that didn’t work..Watch Hamlin cry like a baby in his interview, if they give him one.

    As for the anouncers get the god damn Rusty the hell out of there,, and the black fella that don’t know shi/..
    good blog dr > as always>>>>The SLY 1

  3. GJJ says:

    Myself hopes all this aggression with brad and Ham come over to next year (with no one getting hurt). it kind of shows some racing in this boring year of racing. and as all ways good blog Dr.

  4. Red Zone says:

    If Nascar doesn’t deal with with at Homestead (like parking both of them), it will carry over to Daytona. Do we really want that kind of feud trying to be settled there?

  5. FLETCH346 says:

    I feel if NASCAR is paying attention to what’s being said then Denny can sit out the N’wide Race at Homestead.. But, if he isn’t then.. I’m sure Brad will show Denny, once again, who is the most prevalent driver. Brad doesn’t drive in over his head and plays it like he sees it, IMO. That way, he doesn’t jack himself up like Mr. Denny.
    Although, I didn’t get to see the N’wide race.. I’m glad that BradLowski showed a Cup Regular who is Boss and that a FAVE of mine, Edwards, won it..
    Another note.. BradLowski will be in my Top 5 next season!

  6. Shynloco says:

    Well guys, Denny Hamlin seems to have one of the shortest memories in NASCAR. Guess he and Brad K will have to settle it behind the barn, although the kid (Brad) is pissin alot of drivers off lately included Montoya who is the king of aggressive driving. So if he complains, Brad should listen up cause he’ll be headin to the wall if he doesn’t knock it off.

    And a note to you guys, don’t even think about wasting your money and paying to get in the infield in a NASCAR race. I was in the infield at Phoenix and it was simply a horrible view. The only worthwhile thing were a few drunk females flashin their boobs to pass the time. U can’t believe how many people pay incredible amounts of money to get their motorhomes and trailers in there and then get a lousy view of the race. Thank goodness I was a guest of someone who got us in for free cause I’d be pissed otherwise.

    Have a good one ya’ll!

  7. GJJ says:

    Shy boobs …good LOL

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