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Danica in NASCAR…..

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January 2010
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Ok I was going to leave this one alone and just let the chips fall where they may….. BUT….. Kyle Petty has changed my mind, not about Danica Patrick but about leaving this alone. His remarks at the recent Sound and Speed event which gets singers and race car drivers together for who knows what, were kind of brash coming from a driver who has the bloodlines of a Champion but the performance of a nag. Kyle said that Danica was a “marketing machine” well yeah, that is common knowledge and no one is doubting that, but she is also a race car driver, no she has not won a championship, nor has she won a ton of races at a top level, but neither had Kyle when he started, his daddy put him in a cup car in an ARCA race and he won, wow what an accomplishment……that is really getting it done. Kyle was one of the first drivers who took a ride on his daddy’s coattail, and floundered. Now Kyle said that Danica was “ Patrick is stepping into a situation with a car that has won races. If she gets in that car and doesn’t win races it’s not the car, it’s not the engines, it’s not the team. They only changed one thing.” well he is right about one thing, the car has won races … as the rules stood last year, your comparing apples to oranges to compare one year of a car to the next year of a car. And to say well the car has won she should, well Kyle stepped into a few cars that had won and he couldn’t get it done so is he speaking from experience?

Now don’t take this as the dr is defending Danica and jumping on the Danica bandwagon, I am not, BUT I believe that if you come into NASCAR and do it the right way why shouldn’t she ? She is not jumping straight into a cup car, like a few others have, she is doing what Penske called the old ABC program, some ARCA races , some Busch(now nationwide) and then some cup. Which is the right way.

But the real thing that really got to me was when Kyle said”But if she’s not successful the only impact she’ll have on the sport is she wasted two or three years on a car that a good driver could have been in and could have been developing.”!!! now boy ain’t that like the pot calling the kettle black! How many years was Kyle taking up a seat that a good up and coming driver could have had? How long did he prolong his career when he should of stepped down and put a decent driver in the car? Kyle never had a bit of talent, and I am sure King Richard was swearing under his breath ever time Kyle’s name was mentioned because he tarnished the name of Petty.

Now let’s look at what Danica has done so far, she was 12th out of 26 drivers on the first time in the car at Daytona, hummm has Kyle ever run in the top 12? this is her FIRST time in the car! Tony Eury Jr the same guy who sat on the box for Dale Jr said “”She’s doing really good,” said Eury. “Drafting is not something that you learn overnight. She has done really good learning how to stay in a pack, learning what the car does in different aero situations. We’re pretty pleased. I think I need a little more speed in the car just in single car runs. Overall, it has been a good successful day. We’ll come back here tomorrow and let her draft a little bit more and I think we will be game on.” Now keep in mind Eury Jr is not just a hired gun now he has a vested interest in this team as part owner.

On the final day of practice she and her team not only did on-track testing but also participated in pit road practice. She was 10th fastest in the No. 88A Chevrolet in the morning session with a lap of 180.238 and 19th fastest in the No. 88 Chevrolet with a speed of 179.197. In the afternoon session, she turned a total of 92 laps and posted a top speed of 182.082 mph, good enough for fifth best on the speed charts. Now that ain’t bad for the first test session she has ever been too.

Sprint Cup veteran Carl Edwards was hesitant at first, but thinks it’s a good thing for the sport bringing Patrick onboard.Honestly, at first I thought there’s no way,” Edwards said. “Then I heard just (Friday) my buddy was telling me at testing that she was really, really fast. You never know. What I’ve been saying from the beginning is for her to be successful over here would be a huge benefit not only for her and her sponsors, but for our whole sport, so it’d be great.

I hope she does well, but not better than me. It’s going to be tough just like it is for everyone.”

Her new car owner Dale Jr. said “I’m going into it with an open mind. It’s going to be an uphill battle for her,” said the veteran Cup driver. “But I think she can. She’s a race car driver. She should be able to adapt and do whatever she needs to do. We’re real happy with what we’ve seen and we love her attitude. I don’t know how she’ll do, I really don’t.”

I know Kyle has lot’s of people listening to him because he is the son of the king but he needs to shut his mouth and wait and see before he starts bashing.

Danica may be the biggest flop in the history of NASCAR but until she takes to the track and runs a lap under green in a race no one knows, so why not wait and see, and THEN we will bash if needed. But until then I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt.


the dr.



  1. Shynloco says:

    The dr deserves an award for being both dipolmatic and fair minded to a newbie in NASCAR. I am generally open minded about new drivers and USUALLY say give them a chance. Ok, I’ll jump in the dr’s boat and paddle a bit with him.

    But heres my take on the raw facts of Danica Patrick. In any order you want to take them, she is both a Race Car Driver and a WOMAN (oh oh is this gonna sounds sexist or what!). But these same facts apply to Milka Duno who, by the way, races against Danica in the IRL. For those of you who don’t watch the IRL, Milka (and her plastic surgeon) go from race to race having “FUN” getting into it with Danica as often as possible. For several years of taking in the IRL races as well, I have yet to see Milka finish on the lead lap. Danica has generally finished IRL races well ahead of Milka unless she has crashed out or had mechanical failures (many of her own making…i.e hitting wall on Pit Row, etc). Now let me throw in the name of another female Race Car Driver named Erin Crocker. Erin, in my book, is light years ahead of Danica except in the SI Bikini spread category. And for the record, Erin NEEDLESSLY got screwed over by the negative hype that was caused when one ASSHOLE dope-using driver, driving for Ray Evernham, got all motormouthed because the TURD couldn’t win races no matter whose equipment you gave him. Now Erin was probably one of the best things that ever happened for Women in NASCAR. But then came the Achilles heel for probably all women in general, the SEX CARD!. Now women aren’t all stupid, so they usually have a choice. Try to succeed and if you are good enough at your trade, great and you can ride the wave on your own talents and smarts. But if you can’t cut it in the real world, play that darn SEX CARD and you’ll succeed.

    Enter NASCAR with dwindling attendance, teams dropping out because of a nationwide economic disaster that has hit our nation. (Let me interject many in our country are pure GENUISES when they elected Obama to cure the ailment. Those idiots are probably the same MORONS that invested with Bernie Maddoff.) So we have other GENIUS in the glassshouse of NASCAR who realized they needed to do something. So what better way than to grab s commodity that comes equipped with a double edged sword. On the one hand, they’ve run the the track at high speeds and we can take a chance that they might just succeed OR if nothing else gets response, SEX always has. THink about it…when is the last time any normal male or female has turned down SEX?
    AND what better way to bring attention to NASCAR and to boost sales of merchandise, is to have a driver come onto the stage who races fast cars in competition, whose appeared in a MAJOR magazine photo spread wearing a bikini, and who by the way makes this old fart feel like there is still some life at down around 6 o’clock! I ain’t never seen any of the Cup Champions appear in a magazine like that before, have you?
    SO let me get to my punch line with SWEET Danica whom I love dearly, but think she’s in way over her ability to drive. Remember, after four season in the IRL, she’s won ONE race (Japan) and that was on a stragedy move when everyone else on the lead lap ran out of gas. By the way Cudos to her Crew Chief on that move. But my point is I have SERIOUS reservations as to her ability to win races. She can drive fast alright, but so can the other 42 drivers on the track. In others words, she may be able to run fast around Daytona because she’s proven she can do it in an IRL car. But so have many other drivers in the IRL, some of whom came to NASCAR and tried, but couldn’t cut the mustard. And those GUYS were regular winners or Champs in the IRL. So now we have SWEET Danica comin to town as a showboat or is she really a car driver who can win races?
    I guess only time will tell and I actually and truly wish her well in her endeavors. But after having been watching and going to motorsports races of all types for about 50 years, my wisdom and experiences suggest to me, the only winning we’re gonna see will do, is to give that warm fuzzy feeling to some when they see Danica Patrick walking away from a camera dressed out in the racing suit. And that folks is why NASCAR is gonna make out on this whole deal no matter what. Can you just imagine how much of an effect having her in the Winner’s Circle would do for the sport we all love so much? I for one am staying tuned for this fun. How can anyone say NASCAR is boring NOW?

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    Good Lord Shy!! I knew your mouth watered whenever Danica’s name was mentioned .. but.. You’re hand(s)were working overtime on this one!! LOL
    First of all, if a car wins this year it certainly doesn’t mean it’s going to win next year.. even if it’s the same driver.. Point and Case… Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne!! There’s tons of factors that play into winning and it’s not just the driver.. Hell, just trying to get used to a new team takes time.. I don’t expect Danica to jump right in and start winning races.. and no one else should either…

    Kyle is a douche for even saying any of this! I can tell you this.. In comparison, Danica in the IRL and Kyle Petty in NASCAR.. No comparison!! Danica whips his ass!

  3. SithLord196 says:

    I don’t agree with Kyle Petty opening his mouth, and think he should just stick with the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

    That being said, I still can’t stand Danica. She comes off as a whiny little bitch to me, but we’ll see how she does.

  4. DaleDodgeJr says:


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