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Danica gets an “A”

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February 2010
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Danica gets an “A” from the dr.

I exchanged text messages with a friend yesterday while I was at work and could not see a TV< anyway, we were going back and forth about Danica, and another friend sent a text that he predicted a top 5 for Danica, and as I was going to respond my battery died. This left me to think for myself for a while, and I thought back to my story on Danica being allowed to race, (
you can see it here ) at the end of that story I said “
Danica may be the biggest flop in the history of NASCAR but until she takes to the track and runs a lap under green in a race no one knows, so why not wait and see, and THEN we will bash if needed. But until then I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Well after watching her wheel that car across the infield grass and save it, I now have new found respect for this young lady. And watching her drive and soak up the things around her, asking questions that made sense, one’s that everyone could understand. She became the NASCAR darling yesterday and she has yet to wheel a NASCAR car. But that is OK, yesterday she proved, yeah I said PROVED that she can drive, no she don’t know everything yet, but she knows she is a work in progress, and she has the bare talent, and she showed it yesterday when with less than 15 laps to go Tony Jr. turned her loose and said “ go on, run up there and get em” after she had got nailed by Nelson “moving accident” Piquet Jr.. she stayed on the lead lap and then drove, yeah she DROVE back to the front. And finished 6th. You know the old saying” if I would have had …just 5 more laps” well she would of caught the leader, now could she have3 passed him? Well that is another story but think she would of liked to try it.

Seems that when the race was over and they switched back to the guys in the truck or where ever they were hiding Kyle Petty, and he was real quick to dismiss the ARCA race, and want to talk NASCAR he did not want to admit Danica showed him the talent he said she didn’t have!

I also want to mention Alli Owens she showed that she could get it done to, running 3rd for a long time before getting shuffled to the back,

Some of you know the dr. takes very detailed notes during the race with a legal pad and pen, well the one note I kept writing yesterday during the ARCA race was “ she is learning very well” and “nice save” both were used a lot. I just want everyone to look back to the story I done on Danica and see … was the dr right or was he wrong????

Now I got to get busy on my shootout story!!


the dr.


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