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The Shootout!

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February 2010
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The 2010 Bud Shootout!!!

Well it was everything they said it would be! Kinda, the finish under green thing is still up in the air. And I would of liked to see a few more laps.

First things first though, who hung the Mark “the kid” Martin thing on Martin? Dumb dumb dumb… ANYWAY…….

Jeff Burton in the 31 CAT car out of the garages of Richard Childress Racing, looked very very strong in the early stages then seemed to loose the handle a bit.

The #9 Ford (thank you God) of Kasey Kahne looked very strong driving from a 19th starting spot up thru the field, pretty fast. The car of Tony Stewart looked dicey as well. Then Lagano punts Mikey Waltrip, and one thing I found strange, they looked at the same 2 camera shots like 10 or 11 times but never from the in-car on the 51 car, til right as they went to commercial, then you clearly see in the tape that the 51 got hit pretty hard just before he spun. Now the announcers didn’t see it that way they kept saying “he just looped it” or “the 20 car didn’t touch him” but they never replayed the in-car from Mikey’s car….hummm wonder why?

At the end of the first segment it was the Ford of Carl Edwards the 99 car out front, he had lead all 25 laps. When they come back out it looked like some were surely holding back, the 9 car showing some muscle at times and sliding back at times, but the ordeal with Martin and Kurt Busch was just racing it seems, Mark Martin did stand up and admit he was wrong it was his fault…… that is all good and everything but if you start to do it to often it will get old fast. Now if you fast forward to the 24 and 16 crash, well there again the announcers fell off their stools, DW was screaming that Biffle had a cut tire Before the 24 hit him…. um yeah right DW sure if you say so, Jeff Gordon punted the 16 of Biffle, was it intentional? I don’t think so..was it Jeff’s fault? Yeah he hit him getting in the corner….and the fact it killed 3 of the Rousch cars…. oh well racing is racing…. it was the shoot out..

But now back to the race Kevin Harvick was running very good late with a new car and him not having any seat time in this car. He crossed the line with the 9 car hot on his heels…..I like Kasey’s response, “having that Rousch Yates power sure made the difference, that is nice!”

As I see it his year may shape up to be a good one, seems the fords are running pretty good. But that was the FR( motor which will not be under the hoods for the 500 all the Ford teams seem to be wanting to go back to the old motor for durability, we will see I bet you there will be a couple teams run the new motor…. we will see….

How about the Wood Brothers with a basically part time team turning lose a 4th place Qualifying run with Bill Elliott at the wheel….nice to see the old teams run good, now if we can just keep him up front!

The dr’s prediction for this year….. it is gonna be good!!

Cars to watch at Daytona……

the RCR cars all of them….

HMS cars

and the upstarts like the RPM with a new engine program

Stewart/Haas HMS power…

Good luck in all the Fantasy leagues out there an thanks for some of the invites I can only handle a couple and I am already in them…


the dr.



  1. Little E~Big MT fan says:

    I hope this continues for her……she will bring in fans for all the wrong reasons…..bit would love to see her keep fans for all the right reasons.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    I wish I’d seen the in car cam shot of Waltrip’s car.. I agree, from the camera angles it looked like Waltrip lost it but they were poor camera shots…
    It looked to me that Gordon got into Biffle, no doubt, but question is.. was Biffle slowing already due to a tire going down and was he being pushed so hard from behind he had nowhere to go?
    One driver who was strong that you failed to mention was Jamie McMurray.. he impressed me.

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