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The Duals

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February 2010
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The Duals…….

What I see in today’s test speed was kind of strange….I had to look waaaaaaay down to 14th to find a Chevy, and down to 17th to find a HMS car..the 48 of Jimmie Johnson. the top ten was Ford with 6 and Toyota with 4 fast times..Even the Penske dodge’s were faster than the Chevy’s. Now any other time, or if it was a Ford I would venture to say they are holding back, but do you really think they are?I think everyone has shown some of what they got but not all at one time, so watch some of them use the duals for nothing more than testing..while some will be trying to race their way in to the 500. I have noticed that Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne have been seen doing lot’s of talking, and Kahne has been well received in the Ford ranks, where he has a lot of respect from most of the other drivers. I see the Ford’s finally teaming up with each other … I just have this feeling…

in the other practice today Lagano got nailed by the 36 car of Mike Bliss who spun coming off of 4, collecting the 20 and causing him to go to a back up car.

I am looking for a Ford to win both of the Dual’s…..and the Big Blue oval will be sitting pretty…. provided they don’t get taken out in a crash…. you just never can tell in the month of February n Fla.. But that is what makes NASCAR so popular.

On a more local note I want to say THANK YOU LORD!!! for sending Timmy Millwood to North Georgia Speedway in Chatsworth Ga. Timmy was at Sugar Creek Speedway a few years ago… he can get it done and to see that it won’t be long til NGS is back where it belongs as one of the nicest and fastest little clay tracks around. I have said it before that, with Boyd’s Speedway now in competent hand’s and running very well on Friday nights We need a track where we can race on Saturday’s with out going to Cleveland, Monte morrow took what was one of the nicest tracks around here and tried everyday he could to destroy it my letting it sit thru the whole season taking all the big races from NGS and moving them to Cleveland Speedway. That is long gone now and all behind us but he will learn one thing you can’t keep a good track down!!!!Soon as the new website is up and running I will update you .


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    I think the Chevy’s were holding back in practice, when they decided to run….
    dr., I’m not sure about Logano going to a backup car… The only reason I say this is they were making such a big deal about getting it fixed in record time and getting through inspection… I’m probably wrong though.. After seeing the damage on that car I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way in the world they could have repaired the front end damage to that car in that small amount of time…’ As usual, I’m sure you’re right…
    It cracked me up yesterday when they interviewed Edwards and the said he was talking to Kahne and said.. ‘Kasey, I think you need to free it up a little more… you were only sliding it 30degrees into the corners!’ LMAO!! That’s why Edwards is my #2 driver.. manufacturer don’t mean diddley to me, he’s a good driver, has a sense of humor but isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind when he needs to as well…
    Should be a good time today…

  2. Little E~Big MT Fan says:

    I was at an out of town meeting and missed the whole darn thing…..grrrrrrr
    But good info which hopefully will help me with my ESPN picks.
    the dr….I got a feeling also that the Fords are going to be hot this season……and for you, Go Kahne Go.

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