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The Daytona 500

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February 2010
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The Daytona 500

I am not really happy with the race outcome, good to see McMurray get the win, first win with new team, but some of the bonehead moves I seen toward the end and the “pothole” fiasco was just what it took to mess up the race. NASCAR had no options with regards to the pothole. Even though it seemed to kill the momentum for lot’s of the teams. Harvick was strong all day as was a few cars, and he seems to show his hand a few times. Dale Jr has a very good run coming home in 2nd. He made his bonsai run with the white flag out, when he came from like 10th to the front.

The Fords were strong all day long showing good hp in the race. The cars of RPM was extra strong too, pleasant to see after the year they had last year. , A.J. Almendinger has a super strong run , Sadler had the 19 up front often and showed his muscle, and Kahne was in the top 5 almost all of the race except right at the end but got taken out at the end, by an aggressive Jeff Gordon. I know the Gordon fans will have a reason why he did it but facts are facts…. he punted the 9 car…..

Mark Martin never was in contention at all except for the first 20 laps of the race.

I hate to say it but it was refreshing to see Jimmie Johnson drop out.

Everyone has been tired of hearing how great he is……. I know I have been.

Well now Daytona is over we can get on with the real season!!!


the dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Dr, I agree 100%,, the race it self wasn’t anything to write home about,,but thats restrictor plate racing,now you know Im a Gordon Fan, but the Boy’s head was up his ass at the end,BUT – RZ brought up a few interesting facts about that,,I’ll say more after I see the reruns of the causes..maybe it was a bottelneck or stupidity.Good Blog kid.

  2. Red Zone says:

    I thought Allmendinger could have contended for a win til that lugnut problem dropped him back. Whatever Mark’s problem was after he drifted to mid pack, he could never get rectified.
    I’ll say I don’t think I really like this green white checker 3 attempt rule. It added an extra 20 miles to the race. I’m ok with one attempt (would rather not see one at all, but…) but at places like Daytona, Dega and Bristol, you can figure they’ll use all 3 attempts. It really screws up race strategy as you need to figure enough fuel for the overtime rather than just the scheduled distance or a couple of extra laps over that.
    As far as JG punting KK, it looked like it occurred because cars at the front got jumbled up and it accordioned back to where the 24 and 9 were. I can see the same thing happening at Bristol or Martinsville.

  3. Jack says:

    The more I think about the green white checker deal I think Nascar had an ulterior motive. I realize the original idea was a green flag finish but this might put a dent in fuel mileage races which don’t set well with many fans. I don’t like a race to be won on a crew chief making a gamble pay off. Jusy my feeling.

  4. Shynloco says:

    I’m SUPER happy for both Jamie McMurray and Jr for putting on a good show despite that foolishness with the potholes. That changed the complexion of things real quick with the temperature changes although the driver didn’t seem to be bothered by it. And to the dr, I could only shake my head when Kasey wrecked, knowing you probably were having a coronary and throwing stuff. The good side of all the crashin was it wasn’t nearly as stupid a stunts as pulled in the ARCA and truck races at Daytona. I can also see where this three time chances for a Green/White checkered is gonna makes things real interesting. I’m headin down the hill next weekend for both the Nationwide and Cup Races at the Autoclub Speedway and am keepin my fingers crossed it doesn’t rain. You’all take care my friends!

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