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Local Racing Heats up!

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February 2010
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Local Racing heats up!!!

Well with NASCAR taking center stage with the Daytona 500 the past few weeks local racing has been somewhat over looked. Well I am here to fix that! I have lots of good news, I mean REALLY good news if you live in the Tri-State area of Ga.Tenn. And Ala. North Georgia Speedway has been taken over by a new promoter!!! Timmy Millwood who used to run Sugar Creek over by Blue Ridge has taken over the reins of our little 1/3rd mile speed haven. And I am looking for really good things from him. But first a little history on what has been happening over there, season before last the folks who were promoting the track just stepped out and the promoter from Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland Tn., Monte Morrow took over, our little track. Now these 2 track have always run on the same night, so you had one crowd that loves Cleveland and the others who love NGS. And if it rained at one the crowd from that track would rush to find out if the other was still running, it was a friendly rivalry. Well when Monte took over NGS things were not to bad we were all just glad to have a track to call our own, then came the move to Friday nights, this stunk to high heaven since NGS has always been a Saturday night track. Then the track started canceling races at NGS and moving them to Cleveland that went over like a lead … well you know what I mean. By now everyone was starting to see the writing on the wall, all Monte wanted was to destroy NGS and try and get everyone to come up to his track. When it was let out that he would NOT be back this year he went so far as to use the NGS website to direct people to HIS track, you could log onto the old NGS site and you were suddenly at Cleveland’s site, this got lots of folks ticked off, but underhanded people do underhanded things….. enough Of the bad, now on with the new!!!

North Ga. Speedway has a new website

complete with a forum! All you have to do is register and log on! This is just one of the great things to come, the PA system has been in need of repair for a long time along with the lights, it has gotten pretty bad in the past few years, but … Mr Millwood has come to our rescue with New lights, and a new PA system! This year is going to be fun! I know a bunch pf drivers are looking at pulling the old race car out of the barn to come run NGS again!

First practice is March 20th and first race is the following weekend on the 27th. In case you can’t tell I am really stoked about this and hope if your in our little corner of the world you will stop by and check it out. Contact me and I will make sure your visit is a good one!

Now on to some other new things around the world of dirt racing…..

There is a new dirt racing forum on the internet, well maybe not real new but to me it is and what a great find! It is “One Dirt Forums” located at…

While this forum is geared toward dirt racing it has a little bit of everything for every body. Lots of great tech articles and good reading, a place for posting pictures and video’s and a couple “rooms” for just shooting the breeze. Great site and well run . Look for post there from the dr.

Now a little NASCAR news…

Matt Kennseth has a new crew chief, seems Blickensderfer is out and Brad Parrott is in, and he has a proven history of getting a driver and car to the winners circle , he took Dale Jarrett to the championship when he was with Robert Yates. Lots of rumors are flying around about why this move took place when it did, but I will only say this, why would YOU replace a crew chief after the first race of the season? ……

The pothole seems to begetting a lot of reactions from the fair-weather fans too, seems they have found out the track at Daytona has not been repaved since 78 an they are screaming to repave it! That is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Look at the 500 this year, other than the delay it was one of the best in years. So why repave ? No reason just patch the hole and get ready for July! By the way the patch they used at first is the same patch they used last year at Martinsvillle, it is a two part epoxy that dries clear,and it worked great there, but with all the rain they have had at Daytona this year it never would cure correctly and it caused more problems so the track officials went and found them some “Bondo” and used almost 3 -5 gallon buckets to patch the track, and it worked great, wow another use for “Bondo”!!

Well it is almost time for Fontana and I hope to have a blog up after qualifying and one after the race.


The dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    dr., it’s great to see your beloved Dirt Track in good hands, being promoted the way it should and bringing, from what it sounds, some much needed racing in your N. GA area!!!

  2. Ohio says:

    the dr. I enjoyed reading this !!!

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