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Busch Wins At Fontana!

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February 2010
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Busch wins at Fontana!

The Nationwide race at Fontana was for the most part boring except for the finish. Now that was some decent racing, with 4 cars headed for the checkered flag so close you could of thrown a blanket over them.

With a yellow for the 62 of Brandon Gaughan’s spin it set up a green, white , checkered, and it was the Gibbs teammates who had dominated the entire race, kind of stinking up the whole show. I am not a fan of a driver or team leading the entire race then winning by suck a big margin, I want to see them race to the finish. Well on the restart Lagano made a rookie mistake and spun his tires and gave Biffle the run getting into turn one, when the 27 car of Biffle drove down under the 20 of Lagano getting into one the 20 car tried to cut down on him to block and Biffle but a bumper to him getting him loose and sending him up the track, giving the lead to the 27 Ford of Biffle with the 18 of Busch in hot pursuit. Now some will say that Biffle used his bumper to take the lead, and that Lagano got the short end of the stick, well if Lagano was sooooooo fast like he had been all day then Biffle would of never been able to catch him. Lagano spun the tires on the restart giving Biffle the run. Now the deal with the 22 car of Kesolowski and Lagano…. I will leave that one up to you, did Kes turn him? Yeah but why? I guess we will never know but if Lagano was so fast why did the other cars suddenly catch him? Because he spun his tires on the restart, (read that rookie mistake) and let them catch him.

Earlier in the weekend Kyle Busch blasted the media for the coverage they were giving Danica Patrick, almost every lap, the coverage should be on the un-funded teams who really make up the sport. And to a point I agree with him, yeah the networks should be covering the whole field not just one or two drivers but it has been this way forever. One thing that remains a fact, Danica has improved the ratings for the Nationwide series by tons! She is good for the sport. And it is exciting to watch as she grows as a stock car driver, it shows everyone how hard it is to get out there and drive one of these cars. It has been fun for me watching her grow as a driver and how she has dealt with the learning experience of these cars. I for one think she is doing a fine job!

In the race today there will be no FR-9 motors in any of the Fords, they will be running the old stand by motor. So we will see how this shakes out. Good luck to all the drivers and hope we have a safe race.


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Yep, I think ol Kes spun Logano!!! I don’t know why but… I just thought he had a thing for Hamlin but… upon further review.. I think he has a beef with the whole danged Joe Gibbs Racing Team!!! LMAO!!!! For some reason… I love this kid and every time I see him on the track I know something exciting is going to happen… and he don’t sugar coat it either… The only difference between him and kyle Busch is… Kes will face the cameras and not act like a whiny wuss when things don’t go right.. He’s got brass ones…and I like that..

    As for whiny wuss’ comment about Danica.. I agree totally dr. that Danica has given the N’wide series a huge boost.. I can’t wait to see the ratings of a N’wide race that doesn’t feature Danica… And, IF KYLE WUSS BUSCH THINKS THE MEDIA SHOULD BE COVERING THE UNFUNDED CARS… HE SHOULD TAKE A STEP FURTHER AND SAY.. ‘Well, we Cup Series Racers shouldn’t be racing in this series…’ JUST FOR THAT VERY REASON!!!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Dr I would like to have 3 no 2 mins. with this scraunny SOB,all he does is cry if he don’t get enough attn.,, as far as the nationwide racing I think it’s a waste of time ,,the rookies have all the $$$ and glory takin away from them by the cup drivers.. who as far as Im concerned shouldn’t be in the race…but thats just the way I feel I guess… good blog bud.

    The SLY 1

  3. Shynloco says:

    Hi Guys & Gals,
    Except for the weather, we had fun at Fontana watching both races. The Nationwide race was actually pretty good with Harvick and Busch doing pretty good until Harvick’s engine gave out. Most know I have been pretty critical of Danica and Open Wheel people coming to NASCAR. So I watched her as she dropped back to the rear of the pack on the first lap and took her time feeling out the track and running different lines to actually learn. She didn’t set the world on fire, but she was really trying to learn to get used to the car. I guess Eury Jr must be getting through to her cause she really diodn’t do anything stupid like I’ve seen her do in her Indy Car. Maybe this experience might help her in her Indy Car, exactly how I have no clue. SO maybe there is hope for her yet despite all that BS hype. Also sounds like from her comments as of late, she’s realizing this ain’t the “Cake Walk” some folks think it is. We all know each track has it’s own challenges and she may be disciplined enough to learn this stuff. But then comes the overall REAL challenge to see if she’s good enough to compete with the front runners. That is still and open book in my way of thinking.
    And like others have said, good ole Brad is sure gonna make some enemies if he doesn’t knock it off. I was standing just above the start/finish line about 10 rows back and watched him clip Joey (not that I’m a Joey Logano fan – I hate Gibbs Racing). Frankly I have no clue why Brad spun him unless it was some sort of a payback from earlier over something I didn’t see. Overall a good race especially at the end.

    Ya’ll take care!

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