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RCR has Woken up!!!!

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February 2010
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RCR has woken up!

The race at Fontana showed a very surprising item, the RCR cars were very fast! Harvick and Bowyer and Burton were all very strong through out the entire race. Giving Jimmie Johnson all he wanted at times. Could this be the team that knocks the HMS teams down a notch or two? Time will tell but they were sure strong in the race yesterday. With as 2nd 3rd and 8th. All 3 lead at one time or another.

A tip of the hat to the 20 team on his strong run to 5th place, goes to show that being at the right place at the right time can pay off. And a tip of the hat to the 82 car of Scott Speed on his 11th place run.

3 of the top runners were plagued by engine woes, Newman, grenaded one, JPM blew one, after he had lead early and seemed to be ready to run off and leave everyone. It seemed that the high RPM’s seemed to take an effect on the cars that were running the high line, Martin Truex blew also and he spent most of the day way up there “high wide and handsome”.

One thing that really surprised a lot of folks was the fact that NASCAR confiscated both cars out of Prism Motorsports, the 66 of Dave Blaney had a super strong run starting 5th and running at the head of the pack for 3 laps. When Blaney headed for the pits on lap 43 NASCAR was there, waiting. Three laps earlier, #55-Michael McDowell drove the other Prism Motorsports car to the garage. The final race report concluded that both cars had engine failures. So why did the sanctioning body confiscate the #66 car? “Because they can,” said Bill Henderson, crew chief of the #66 team and general manager for Prism Motorsports.
Henderson, who has just two cars for the team, was told the car will not be returned until next Saturday  long after qualifying is over. However, the primary car has the basics of racing  swaybar, shocks and springs  that the team simply can’t afford to duplicate on the backup car. Without those necessities, Henderson will not be able to race. Sprint Cup Series director John Darby said he hopes to perform the inspection at Las Vegas in order to return the car to the team in a timely fashion, but that’s hardly a guarantee. The bad thing about this is NASCAR says they want to crack down on “start and park teams” but this team only has 2 cars, they got one car in the 500 a week ago and ran almost the entire race till a broken driveshaft caused them to drop out. It seems that NASCAR only picks on the teams who are just trying to get started, and making as many races as they can. It would be different if this team had been doing this for a few weeks but the second race of the year? But you never see them jumping on the heavily sponsored teams. Hummm I wonder why? The Prism team may not be able to make the race at Las Vegas due to NASCAR having the car, and NASCAR says that they will try to get the car back to them…. yeah right.

Photo by Shynloco

Photo by Shynloco

You can see in th e photo above that the cars were all running different lines around this track. And a special thanks to one of my loyal readers Shyn loco for the photos he wa s lucky enough to attend this race hope he didn’t get wet!

The RPM team continued its horrible performance this year Kahne spun while running 8th he was very strong but could not find the handle on the car. None of the other 3 had a very good day either.

All in all it is on to Las Vegas and we will see how things shake out there, will RCR continue to hound HMS? Will RPM finally get the whole Ford package worked out and get a good finish? I guess we will have to wait and see when we get to Las Vegas….


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    First of all.. the overlapping photos worked better than if they hadn’t overlapped.. Scanning over them to get the full view is cool..

    This whole NASCAR thing of picking on the smaller teams to prove a point to the bigger teams is a total crock of shit!! They are, basically, biting the hand that feeds them!! REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM NASCAR, YOU FREAKIN’ JACK~CRACKERS!!

    RCR is rocking, Jr and Gordon are doomed this season, I feel… JPM is going to have a break out year! Kahne will be right on his heels.

  2. Shynloco says:

    Hi Guys,
    And naw we didn’t get wet. Momma taught her little boy to get out of the rain when theres nothing to see. But an observation I had that regardless of the lap superiority that the 48 car seems to have, it occurred to me that there were at least five other cars that built up significant leads until their tires just seemed to give out and one by one fell back. So for the first 175 laps or so, I didn’t have a clear idea of who would actually win the race. But then along came Chad and Jimmie AGAIN. I gotta tell ya, I’m about TIRED of the 48 car ruinning away with the show which was GREAT! Now I’m a big fan of HMR, but really like Childress Racing and the 29, 31 and 33 cars darn near as much. As usual also, it’s a treat watching the 18 car show off his skills rather than his JACKASS attitude. But all in all, regardless of the crappy weather, we had a great weekend attending both races and just smellin that burned fuel and blown engines at the exit to Pit Row and entry into turn one, which is depicted by the pictures the good dr was able to post up.

    Best to all my NASCAR friends and buddies! Shy

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