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More on the 66 team….

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More on the 66 Team….

after looking at this subject more and more, I have a real issue with the way NASCAR has handled this. I mean NASCAR says that because the 66 car driven by Dave Blaney, qualified 5th and even led 3 laps before retiring to the pits, that they think something may be up. Well it may be, like the team worked hard, got a good driver who could drive and they done good. But if you read between the lines it seems like NASCAR thinks the team may not be on the up and up… WOW really? What about some of the other teams who may not be on the up and up? Like the 48 car? To me a car that is always up front week in and week out, regardless of the track are the ones that should be looked at. Especially one that has been caught cheating before, like the 48 car. All the HMS teams share information “so they say” but you don’t see the other 3 Hendricks teams up front every week do you? Nope you don’t, and the ordeal with the 48 beating the 31 car out of the pits last week leaves a little to make you think, I have rewound the tape and Fox never showed the light or when the caution actually came out with regards to when the 48 car pitted, now NASCAR and the 48 team say they were in the pit stall before the yellow came out, it was never proven, and Fox likes to go back and show things that seem to be in question, but for some reason they over looked this one. if the 48 team got a lucky break every now and then, it would be one thing, but it seems that every week they are on the receiving end of some kind of break, and never on the bad end, always the good end. To some it may not be such a big deal, but apparently it was to some since that seemed to be one of the most popular questions on the post race interview…..makes you wonder….

Now far be it for me to judge how NASCAR does things but it does make one wonder…….

Off of the NASCAR topic for a second, in the coming weeks I am going to be highlighting some of our local drivers who will be running at the newly revamped North Georgia Speedway ( also some who will be running at the dirt track just north of us, Boyd’s Speedway ( letting everyone see just what kind of drivers we got here in the hills of North West Georgia. Look for these to start in the next week or so, and I hope to get better at posting the pictures……


the dr.


  1. FLETCH346 says:

    I’m in full agreement with you dr.!!! You can only be as lucky as a 3~peckered Billy Goat so many times.. The 48 team’s luck should have expired long ago….. And, Knaus has been caught more times cheating than Tiger Woods!!! So, their car should be scrutinized week in and week out.. Not some non~funded race team.. I wondered if it ever occurred to NASCAR that since the team wasn’t sponsored that.. JUST MAYBE… They didn’t have the funds to fuel and tire a car for an entire race??? Dug, I’m definitely not a NASCAR RACING GOD.. but, at least I can figure that one out!!!!

  2. Jack says:

    The team that was nailed by Nascar made a total of $180,000 for the afternoon. I think they are trying to put an end to flagrant start and park. These guys at least ran 40 laps but they might have known the crackdown was coming, as they usually run a lap or two. Blaney said on Saturday that he was going to start and park, and Nascar must have taken issue with that also.
    As for J.J. if I remember right his teammates Martin and Gordon had a LOT of good runs last year. Jr. is another story. If you read any articles about Johnson winning too much, they all claim that people are not happy, and lose interest in Nascar. This is true, as who wants to watch a game or a race if you are pretty sure of the winner. I don’t think Nascar wants him winning constantly and he seems to win on his skills and some of the decisions made by Knaus.
    Look back at last year and he won or ran well many times by the right decision being made in regards to tires or fuel and Knaus was the brains behind that. I think he has his hands full this year as RCR is playing for keeps.With this being said, ” I hate Jimmie Johnson”

  3. SLY 1 says:

    I would like to meet jj 1 time = he would hae a 3rd leg= = my foot sticking out his ass,,the guys a damn fag,,he thinks because his wife is having Gordon,s baby he’s a man,,NOT = Chad is a cheating creep from the word go,,DR your right,,Nascar needs to check who’s up front each week and then you’ll see some crap.. sorry I just can’t stand that frigging ass wipe. Good blog Bud.

  4. SithLord196 says:

    First off, I don’t “hate” Jimmie Johnson. Even if his crew chief is pulling shit behind the scenes, you don’t win 48 races without some kind of talent.

    That being said, how is the favoritism only becoming blatant now? I started yelling about this at Indianapolis last year.

    As for the start and park teams, the crackdown will last until a team comes out tells the media that NASCAR paid them to show up so they have a full field. They’ve done it before.

  5. Shynloco says:

    I too have agree with the dr on the 48 car issue at Fontana. The 66 car is completely another issue. As I sat there in the stands watching the events unfold, I too began to wonder how the heck the 48 car did not get caught on Pit Road when the yellow came out. I too have yet to see any reboardcast showing the caution light and the 48 car’s position at that exact moment. Now I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and all, but I am also very tired of seeing the 48 car registering wins on contraversial calls.

    Now as to the 66 car and Dave Blaney. I can see arguments on both sides of that deal. But it strikes me that things have gotten RIDICULOUS with this “Start & Park” CRAP. I mean the 66 car starts a race with NO Pit Crew, No Tires, No Gas, No nada and still makes money in the deal. If things are to be kept on an even keel, there should be a list of basic attributes to any team competing and very obviously any car that doesn’t have the aforementioned items should not be allow to compete PERIOD. It strikes me that things have gone too far with this foolishness. I mean why should the 66 car be any different than Front Row Joe who races from race to race with very little financial help and little sponsorship. Just my opinion, but the whole notion of “Start & Park” is plain old BULL CRAP in my book.

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