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48 wins again…….

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February 2010
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48 wins again……

It should come as no surprise that another Hendricks car shows up in victory lane today. I know lots of my friends who are Gordon fans will disagree but on lap 88 when the yellow lights malfunctioned again the 24 car comes screaming into the pits and over shoots the pit box, the crew shoves the fuel can in and the catch can man had his can in then the official says “ nope, your over the line” and they back him up, and he is not penalized. .. go figure…

18 drivers break the track record in qualifying. Showing it was going to be a very fast race. The 48 had issues early but through the wonders of NASCAR he recovered and went on to win.

The 20 of lagano had a good showing this kid is doing a really good job this year showing he may actually have some skills.

The 24 leads almost every lap during the race showing again that the HMS cars were very strong AGAIN….

but what impressed me was the showing of the 9 car,(yeah I like Kahne ) he started 20th and was running at the back til the first round of pit stops and he kept getting better, and would have had a top 5 finish until NASCAR caught him running over a air line and pushed him back 5 spots.

The yellow lights seemed to have a mind of their own today coming on twice during the race which could of caused major problems NASCAR should really look into this …..

Kyle Busch showed that he is starting to mature some by saying he was sorry to his crew for his speeding into the pits and getting caught. That impressed me.

But the yellow on lap 228 kept the Hendricks cars from lapping the entire field… yeah them cars are 100% legal.. they flat stunk up the show.

The last 30 laps the Hendricks cars were stretching out a lead at a rate of 5 and 6 tenth’s a lap, that just ain’t right I don’t care who it is.

The coverage of the race was some of the most biased I have seen in a long time, Fox must be on Hendricks payroll! Every lap it was Hendricks this Hendricks that….. it gets old. It is bad enough that we have to watch “Vanilla Boy” Jimmie march to the front with the golden horseshoe shoved up his ass like Harivck said but to have to listen to them talk about them constantly gets old. But there is always next week….

a tip of the hat to the RPM team of Kahne for the strong top 10 finish!


the dr.



  1. SithLord196 says:

    Wow you gave Logano some credit.

    The only thing that bothers me about you yelling that Gordon didn’t get penalized is you refuse to claim NASCAR was helping Hendrick at Indianapolis last year, even thought it was blatantly obvious.

    Is JPM going to get credit for being good? He ran well under Wingo, Elledge, and now Pattie. Haha

    • drflavio309 says:

      Sith, that was last year, this is a new year, and I honestly don’t think it was “blatantly obvious” last year at Indy …
      and as far as JPM goes… well he has shown that he has the skills, but this year has not looked good for him so far, I hope he can get on track
      the dr.

      • SithLord196 says:

        I’m sorry dr. but when you have fan favorite Mark Martin running 2nd and golden boy Johnson running 3rd it seems obvious to me when they nail the guy leading for speeding.

  2. Jack says:

    Wow, I will sleep good tonight, the dr. said that Logano may have the skills to pay the bills. LOL As for Fox being biased, they jump on whoever or whatever is hot at the time. Last year some people were complaining that they were biased towards Toyota. I think they have been raving a lot about RCR but they deserve it the way they have stepped up so far this year.

  3. Shynloco says:

    Gor what its worth, I am a Hendrick and CHildress fan who is getting tired about hearing about Hendricks and all their greatness. And I’ve had just about enough of seeing the 48 car in “Whiners Circle.” But I am happy to see Harvick in the points lead and he’s been putting on a show the last few races that is much more exciting than to seeing the 48 car again and again and again. We can only hope one of the crashing regulars will take the 48 car with him the next time. I really don;t think seeing the 48 car constantly being talked about or in Winner Circle is doing much to enhance the sport of Auto Racing. Just my way of thinkin. And will someoine please tell Jeff Gordon to stop being so obviously about his financial gain and investment (i.e. part owner of the 48 car) when he looses a race he should have won.

  4. SLY 1 says:

    I will make NO COMMENT on the winner of this race,, the man is a Rectum,, as far as the race goes I thought it was rather boring,, I mean gordon leading Most of the race and then – – – – – for the most part I agree with Shynloco it’s great to see Childress running so good = about time =… good blog Dr.

  5. FLETCH346 says:

    I thought it funny that they mention that J.J.’s winning ways have put a strain on his and J.G.’s friendship.. LOL
    I, for one, am also tired of seeing Johnson in Victory Lane…
    Latarte’s 2-tire idiotic call was another B.S. call on his part that cost Gordon another win…

    • FLETCH346 says:

      Oh.. btw, I don’t know if it means anything but…. Johnson wins 2 weeks in a row… And, I win in SCC 2 weeks in a row!! Coincidence?? dr., don’t you dare claim ‘I’m cheatin’!! LMAO!!

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