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More on the 48 team…..

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March 2010
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After watching the race this past Sunday, I got to thinking, about Jimmie Johnson and what Kevin Harvick said about JJ having a golden horse shoe shoved up his….. well you know . So I have done some checking. I have scoured over his 9 year career and found the following facts.

He has run 294 races as of yesterday(Sunday)

He has had 49 wins, 23 poles, 119 top 5’s, 182 top 10’s.

He ran 3 races his first year 2001 and ranked 52nd. Since then he has not finished lower than 5th in a season. He has an avg. starting position of 10.9 and and avg. finishing of 11.7. He has never failed to qualify for a race. He has led 9800 of 84,512 laps.

And he has won over $90 million dollars.

These are things no one has ever done before….. NO ONE! Not even “the king” Richard Petty.

One thing I noticed is that in his first year he only ran 3 races and he was ranked 52nd, then when Hendricks decided to run the full season in 2002 in comes Chad Knaus…… since then Johnson has not finished lower than 5th in year end standings..

Now is this combo some sort of magic? Or is it just plain hard work? It seems to be a little of both in the past 9 years.

BUT………. the thing that cranks my tractor is that Hendricks has 4 teams and the only one that seems to be the dominate team is the 48, and Rick Hendricks himself says that “All teams share information” well do you really think that the 48 team is sharing with the 88? it sure don’t look that way, no granted that each driver has different styles of driving and one set up for driver “A” may not work for driver “B” but the basis for each setup is a good starting point and it seems that the 5 car and the 24 car are head and shoulders above the 88 team. Just like the 48 is so far above the rest of the Hendricks teams. If they are sharing why didn’t the other Hendricks cars run like the 48 did? Is Hendricks saying his other 4 drivers are not as good as Jimmie Johnson? Or are they just that much better? Why is that? Are they cheating? If so then NASCAR has not found it yet, yeah they have nailed the 48 car a few times but really have they been busted for something major? No they were like token infractions, something to take the heat off of NASCAR, so NASCAR could say “hey we are checking them” but are they?

Well when you look at what the 48 team has done over the past 9 years it sure seems like something is being done. One way or the other. SOMETHING has to change, the 48 team is stinking up the show, so far this year the 48 team has won 2 out of 3 races. And the fans are not happy, even fans of Jimmie are not happy. No one wants to see the same car run out a 3 or 4 seconds lead ever time a green flag is dropped. Like it was Sunday at Las Vegas for the most part it was the 24 car running out front every time the green dropped, then suddenly when the end of the race was just around the corner here comes the 48 car runs the 24 of Gordon down and the blows by him, and these 2 cars share a garage!

To put it in a nut shell, I am not sure they are cheating I have seen the “room of doom” inspections these cars go thru, so I really don’t see how they could be cheating, but I really don’t see how they are not. It really does have me confused and I don’t know what to think. But if this is a sign of things to come for the season then I will just stop watching ….. it is boring to see the same car win every week even if it is my favorite. The name of the game is racing not “let’s watch Jimmie make laps”.

Look back to the 80’s when “Wild Bill from Dawsonville” was smoking them on the super speedways NASCAR run in and hollered “this ain’t fair for one car to rule the roost so we are changing the rules” and they did. They handicapped the Fords and gave the GM cars concessions. Did it make for better racing? Yeah it did and it evened the field I hated it since I am a die hard Ford fan but it did make for better racing.

Now let’s see what NASCAR does….. but don’t hold your breath waiting for a rules change.


the dr.



  1. Jack says:

    By your statement that it’s no fun watching Jimmie win all the time you echo what many people are saying. Now, if you were Nascar you certainly wouldn’t let them keep cheating and winning because you watch the bottom line. Last year people were saying Nascar was favoring J.J. so he could win the Championship. I say no, as it wasn’t in the best interests of Nascar for that to happen. Looks to me, as much as I don’t like it, he and Chad are just that good. Not being a wise guy but any info from Chad would not help Jr.. I don’t think he has the skill needed to capitalize on the info. Last year they were sharing with Mark and he was in the hunt to the end, but he had to skill to work with what they shared with him.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    dr., I didn’t know you had a tractor!!! I figured in this day and age you’d get one that you didn’t have to crank!! LMAO!!!

    Well, I’m totally with you on the ‘if something smells fishy.. then, it’s usually bad’ train of thought…. But, this time last year, Mr. Kenseth had won 2 out of the first 3 and look what happened to him… Hopefully, this 48 debacle will fall to the odds.. If not, then.. Odds are… someone is cheating.

  3. Shynloco says:

    I’m one of those fans who is also growing tired of the 48 car’s domination and Chad’s brilliance or cheatin ways, whichever it may be. Look…I know Chad Knaus is very likely simply the best Crew Chief out there. Jimmie is a godd and talented driver, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s THE best. I don’t weant to start a debate, but there are probably 5 other driver who possess similar talents.
    So thought the dr’s stats are well taken, there are other factors in a driver’s winning races and certainly JJ is one LUCKY SOB!

    Now comes my Fuel Injected Power Snivel of the Day. I will not debate that four tires outdo 3 tires any day and especially when the sun is shining. But as I watch reruns of the pass that Johnson made on the 24 car, I’d say it was rather dramatic in terms of power and swiftness. However, I refuse to believe that Jeff Gordon didn’t just let JJ pass for whatever reason. I’ve said it before and I’ll say itr again, Jeff Gordon was not going to loose anything either way whether he stayed out front or JJ passed him to win the race. So long as Jeff Gordon has an economic interest in a declining career, Gordon has made it apparent (at least to me) that he’s gonna do whatever is necessary to secure his financial interest and winning races is no longer his main interest. You can say I’m full of S H I T (my wife tell me that all the time), but frankly I’m very suspicious of that Las Vegas win and I’m gonna sit back and see what happens next time. Remember, JJ bombed out at Daytona, so he had to start winning races to climb back into the Cup Standings. Since Gordon led the most laps @ Vegas and locked up the points in that category, what better way for Johnson to climb back up is to the win the race. Gordon knows that and again remember, he’s part owner of the 48 car. God I love Hendricks motorsports! Perhaps even my main man, Jr will win a race this season. And “No” I’m not into conspiracy theories. This is simply domination!

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