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Black Flag for the 99……

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March 2010
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Black flag for the 99

Boy what a finish to the race today! The thing everyone is talking about seems to be the move the 99 car made to take out the 12 of Kesalowski. And yeah it was a bonehead move to say the least, but did he mean for him to flip over? No I really don’t think he did, he just wanted to pay him back for the ordeal at the start of the race, which I felt wasn’t really anyone’s fault it was just racing. But on to the rest of the race……..

How about the Richard Petty Motorsports team today? 3 in the top 10! now that is great to see. Paul Menard even had a great run and stayed out of trouble, A.J. Almendinger give the “green” 43 car a great run staying up there at the front when he finally got up there. And Kahne finished 4th. Finally good to see the Fords run good.

RCR didn’t have a stellar day but Harvick finally got up in the top 10 with a 9th place run, Burton had brake issues which caused him to get a speeding penalty and he finally wound up in the 20th spot. Followed with a 23rd of the 33 car of Bowyer.

The surprises of the day I guess would be how good the 82 of Scott Speed ran he wound up 10 with the “Aussie” Marcos Ambrose a close 11th both of which were ahead of the 48!

The announcers need replacing no doubt! It is getting harder and harder to listen to the NASCAR “puppets” week after week, and who ever is in charge of the coverage needs to be fired! They were showing Jeff Gordon’s pit stops and he was 2 laps down! Stay on the racing boys! Now I understand that Jeff has fans but please……..Darrell Waltrip kept trying to say there were tire issue, well they might have been but look at who was affected……. Hendricks cars or teams affiliated with Hendricks. Yeah Hamlin and Kyle Busch had issues but nothing like the Hendricks teams did, and it was the same wear pattern on all of them inside edge of the tires. Hummm makes you wonder huh? But there wasn’t a thing wrong with the tires lots of other teams never had one single issue with them.

Roush finally had a really good run with Kennseth running second, and Biffle winding up 8th, and Edwards wound up 39th after being parked by NASCAR.

One thing I have noticed is NASCAR must of relaxed the rules without telling anyone, last week I saw it but figured it just got by them but this week I saw the 17 and the 24 and the 33 all pit with parts of the car hanging out in pit road. The way I understood the rules they had to have all 4 tires in the box, guess I was wrong……

We didn’t see any Start and park teams this week did we? Guess NASCAR got the message across…..

It was great to see Bill Elliott wind up 16th today he had that new FR-9 engine humming, he just got clobbered in the pits.

Well now the big thing is wait and see what kind of penalty NASCAR hands down to Edwards, that will be the news of the week. But I have to admit you could see his hands turn right as he got up next to the 12 car, and I guess the NASCAR officials actually was looking for once, since they give him the black hankie and called him to the big yellow truck. I would be willing to bet they park him for one race, or one hell of a fine. And you know probation is going to figure in the mix. We will just have to wait til Tuesday and see.

All and all I think it was a great race, and it would have been a lot better if we could of not had all the late yellows. But thats racing!


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    You think Edwards could have made it look anymore blatant? LOL
    I hated to see that because I like both drivers … Heck, if he was going to do something he should have waited after the race and confronted him in the pits… That makes for some good ol NASCAR drama, saves the cars and everyone finishes the race!! I think NASCAR will hand down a heavy fine and and points hit and probation.. I don’t think they’ll park him…
    dr., RPM 3 in top 6! That’s a pretty awesome run for Petty…

    I will continue to say that Gordon needs to replace LaTarte… The man is good but he’s just not getting it done for Gordon’s car or pit calls.

  2. SithLord196 says:

    You could have mentioned something about the #42 car rebounding after two tough weeks… Lol

  3. Shynloco says:

    Sorry guys, I got back late on this one. And let me say from the outset, I like both Carl Edwards and Brad Kezeloski, but this time Brad had it comin. I’ve noted a change in his attitude since he left Jr Motorsports. Though he still speaks like a winner, he frankly has systematically started pissing off a whole bunch of drivers. In my opinion, Brad has become a BIT arrogant both in his driving and the way he talks. I suspect other drivers had just about had enough and that stunt he pulled on Carl (the squeeze) during the early part of race that put Carl into the wall, was probably the last straw. Now I agree Carl was surprised Brad flipped over, but that was completely unintended and could have been avoided by getting those spoilers on and that damn wing off. But you could see from the tape of the race, that sooner or later, Brad was gonna get spun by Carl who’d had enough of the “unintentioanl” or “accidential” contact Brad has been talking since he’s been spinnin a few people. Now I believe Carl needs to cool it and Probation was richly deserved cause Carl IS NO ANGEL either. But I’m willing to bet Brad better have gotten the message because the 11 car is still out there and a few other names (as I’ve heard tell) have just about had enough of Brad’s foolishness also. Welcome to the Cup series Brad where you can be as aggressive as possible and necessary. But remember, what comes around, goes around YOUNGSTER!

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