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Random thoughts about Atlanta….

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March 2010
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Just some random thoughts going into Atlanta……….

How is “golden boy” going to fair? He was not very strong looking but it was only practice…..

Good to see them honor Wendell Scott  he was a true pioneer in the sport.

Wild Bill Elliott is coming home to Georgia…… not much of a comeback as he was down in the speed charts but…. he is the only for FR-9 at the track… you know what it is, Ford paid the Wood Brothers to field the car so they could get more testing info…..this FR-9 is going to make lots of teams happy, and should have the Ford teams ready to race for a change…..Just once though I would like Bill run up front just one more time, not just during a caution but a run from the back and pass a ton of cars like he used to do so long ago….just one more time…….

Spoiler report……

NASCAR template guru Billy Berkheimer said, “If this works the way I expect it will, the down force numbers will the same with the spoiler and the wing.” Well lot’s of things don’t work the way they think they will…… the numbers may be the same wind tunnel wise, but the way the car reacts in traffic will be the key, and teams often team up for test dates so they can have more than one car on the track at a time…….

Goodyear is bringing the new tire to Atlanta for both series…… it will be the same left side as always but the right will be new, slightly different compound, but the new way they are making them has tons to do with it too….lefts are D-4384 and rights are D-8488 so we will see how the new construction holds up. The new style held up very good at Las Vegas last week.

There were at least 5 teams who brought a brand new chassis to the track this week, and one of them sat in the pole! Yep the 88 brought a new chassis so did the 24 of Jeff Gordon , the 1 of McMurray, the 33 of Bowyer and the 12 of Kesaloweski. The new car’s qualified, 1st, 5th, 42th,18th, and 28th 2 of them found something…… hummmmm look at that , 2 of them are Hendricks cars………1st and 5th, Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon.

A tip of the hat to Dale Jr who sits on the pole for Sundays race he finally found some speed with his amped ride…..

Well it is race day…….. hope the race is a good one…


the dr.


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  1. Shynloco says:

    That was an awesome race today at Atlanta. The best part was watching Carl Edwards assist NASCAR (once again Brad “accidentially” or “unintentionally” wrecking other competitors) in showing the practical failures of having that rear wing instead of spoilers which are coming soon. But in my humble opinion, Brad had this one coming. Since he willingly hasn’t been verbally persuaded by other drivers to knock off the BS, I was happy to see Carl take a page from the good ole days and take Brad to school. I am pleased however, nobody got hurt and hope NASCAR doesn’t throw the book at Carl for the much deserved payback.

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