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News Tidbits…..

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News tidbits…….

The “buffoon’s “ that they have announcing the races these days are almost funny, for example.. Sunday Darrell Waltrip kept trying to make tires an issue during the race especially when the Hendricks cars were all having tire problems, well I think Elliot Sadler said it best when he was asked yesterday at a test session at Rockingham’s “Little Rock” ½ mile track, he was asked about the tire issues at Sundays race at Atlanta. When asked what it meant that at least a dozen competitors faced tire trouble at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday, Sadler was quick with a response: “Yeah, but there were 37 others that didn’t,” and he had a very good point, but to hear DW tell it the tires were horrible. HORSEFEATHERS!

“When they come here and test, you expect them to build a tire that we can abuse and that we can race hard with,” said Jeff Gordon, one of those affected. “That obviously wasn’t the case. There is a good chance we were too aggressive, but until we go back and analyze everything it’s hard to say.” and he wasn’t alone, Ryan Newman also chimed in. “Goodyear’s got some work to do,” he said. “It’s a safety situation. We popped one. There are a lot of guys who popped one.” yeah 12 cars had issues, and Denny Hamlin hit something his was not a wear issue. Goodyear racing chief Stu Grant defended the quality of the tire. “It’s a tire the guys are happy to run on,” he said. “They’re comfortable and they’re fast if the setup is good. The leaders are running great. If you look at (Kasey Kahne) and (Busch), their tires have looked great all day.” And so did lots of other drivers tires. If you notice who was complaining, it was the Hendricks teams or those affiliated with HMS. So are they saying that because Hms cars had issues that it is a safety thing? Well poor little babies, they should of done their homework like the other teams did… find the right setup and you don’t have those issues. I understand that teams want to go fast and sometimes they push the limits to get there, but I mean the one team that had all the issues is the one team that has been so dominate for so many years. And they miss the setup at one race and suddenly it is Goodyear’s fault? NOT!

Like Chad Knaus said last year when asked why his team was so good…. HOMEWORK! Now get out there and do it!

Now if NASCAR really wanted to change something then they should throw that silly looking wing away! Period, get rid of it that is what caused the 12 car to get up in the air and flip, ( Carl may have had a little something to do with it …lol) But if they had had any brains at all they would of not put it there to start with, it was just another way for Brian France to make some coin out of the teams, by mandating that the teams buy the wings from NASCAR, at $2200.00 a pop I might add….. hummmm makes you wonder.

Well NASCAR has a week off and then they go to Bristol. Bring on the short tracks!


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Is France going to make the teams all buy the new spoilersnow?? LOL
    He’ll probably charge $5,000 per spoiler.

  2. Shynloco says:

    As far as Brian France goes, I doubt he could find his ASS with both hands even if all 43 drivers parked their cars and joined the search!

    AS far as the tires go, I think it was Larry McReynolds who said that the problem with the tires were not the tires per se, but the set-ups being used associated with the tires. He specifically said the teams (Hendricks/Stewart Haas, etc) pushed the tires beyond their limits were the problem. You could even clearly see the tires that came off the 24, 48 and 88 cars specifically has such an aggressive camber becuase of the extreme wear on the outside edge. So I agree it wasn’t the tire itself that was the problem. It was actually the Crew Chiefs going overboard. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember seeing Kurt Busch’s car having those issues.

  3. Jack says:

    Have to agree with Shynloco on this. I realize Stewart is gettings his motors from Hendrick but when they both have the same type of problems like last week, you wonder if maybe Stewart is getting some input on setups also. I think some of Stewarts team is recruits he got from Hendrick but to end up with the same set ups for that day and that track makes you wonder.

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