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North Ga Speedway PlayDay!!!

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March 2010
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First let me say I am sorry this is late but I had some issues with internet provider but that is all taken care of now …..

North Georgia Speedway Kicks it off!!!!!

Last Saturday night was one special night, it was the first practice day for North Georgia Speedway in Chatsworth Ga. ( ) under the new management team of Timmy Millwood and his crew, and what a great time we had.

The car count was very high considering that “another “ track has a big money show, the only class that wasn’t loaded with talent and cars was the “super late models” and Gar Dickson and a few others showed up and thrilled the fans with some very fast laps.

Crate’s and limited late models were out in force with some very fast times in both classes, but the hobbys and Mini stocks were really out in force.

It was really good to see some old friends and some new cars and some drivers moving up a class all ready for the new season to kick off this Saturday night, March 27th.

I got to spend some  time in the tower with the new announcer Tony Ray, who was getting used to the track and drivers and I think he done a great job for his first night.

Here is a picture of him and I taken after the night was winding down by the wonderful Faye Brindle who was also there she is the wife of Georgia racing legend, and the proud mother of current racing hot shoe Chip Brindle who was also there with his new car.

Others who were there reads like a list of who’s who at NGS names like many time track Champion Gary MacPhearson who didn’t bring his car but was there for moral support, others include Delbert Haynes who brought the wrong car, he had is ’55 chevy instead of his dirt car, the father and son team of Kolby and Doug Kilgore and the ever fast 44 car, Doug tells me that Kolby will be handling the driving duties this year since.

Here is Kolby and his dad Doug talking before Kolby goes out for some fast laps. The father and son duo of Don and donnie Farmer were both there with the new 07 of Donnie’s and don has his 99 there, the D7 of Bear Patterson was over from Ellijay way, along with the very fast Shannon Bearden and his new 17 car. Another father son tandem of Johnny Cloer Sr, and his son Johnny Jr were both there. Rumor has it Johnny Jr is doing lots of chassis work for lots of drivers this year, but will we see the 41 with Johnny Jr in it? Who knows…. Jamie Parker had his new crate late model there for his second time out and he was looking good, look for a driver profile on him here on topofthebox in the next few days.

Some other names you will be seeing profiles on are Delbert Haynes, Jeff Jones, Gary MacPhearson, Donnie and Don Farmer, and many more soon as I can get them all together.

I will admit there was lot’s of cars with no name or numbers and some I just didn’t know, but we will cover them all this year as the weeks go by.

Here are just a few of the pictures I shot walking around, if I get one wrong please let me know, and if I don’t have a name on one and you know who it is please let me know that too….

B39 Brian Burke


  1. Gary says:

    Cool man

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Welcome back on the box fella – noe those are some Neat looking Hot Rods dr,,brings me back to the days with Richie Evans,whom I thought was the best there was..Good info on the drivers and there cars,,and it looks to me like your puttin on some pounds there fella,,better watch out,,LOL
    Glad to see the blog back up and running dr.

    The SLY 1

  3. Little E~Big MT Fan says:

    Nice photos! You always look “in your element” when we see your racing shots.
    Glad to hear from you and always glad that you share these things with us.

  4. FLETCH346 says:

    Question… Do you sleep in that #9 hat?!? LOL

  5. Gary Kitchen says:

    Looks like a nice crowd, some really hot Late Models there. Gotta get myself back to the track down here in Gibsonton sometime, been awhile. Blame it on Mother Nature leaving the thermostat all screwed up on freeze ‘n such past few months down here. East Bay Raceway Park is our playground down here. Great you’re back, PITA when your ISP doesn’t play nice!

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