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North Ga Kicks of Season!!!!!

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March 2010
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Spring is in the air and the cars are on the track! It was opening night at North Ga. Speedway tonight and man oh man what a show. The weather was clear but it was a bit windy and just a little cool, but the cars turned out for a great night of racing.

The first heat of the new year was in Modified hobby with the 1 car of Jr. Whitner and Devin Stuart on the front row, Mike Sands who was supposed to start on the second row blew a motor in hot laps so it was a 4 car field with Mike Franks in the F4 and the 34 of Greg Sudderth rounding out the field. A caution was quick to come out when the 34 car drove into turn a bit hot and slide up into the 20 of Devin Stuart taking both cars out, leaving only Franks and Whitner to finish the race. The second heat in Modified hobby was a good race with the front row of the 43 of Tim Ford and the 11 of Dink Torbett followed by the 148 of “Booger” Brooks and the 07 of Heather Taylor, and the 81 of Michael Myers. The green dropped and the 07 of Taylor was on a mission as she passed the 3 cars in front of her, to take the lead, with Ford and Brooks fighting behind her she comes off of turn 4 to take the white and blows up…… a true heart break. With the 43 of Tim Ford leading Brooks to the checkered, followed by the 11 and the 81.

the Econo Hobby field was a good race as well with the 17 of Ronnie Sanders and the 7 of d=David Beam winning the 2 heats.

When the Modified hobby feature rolled around it was Whitner and Ford taking them to the green but no one had anything for the 1 of Jr. Whitner as the 34 of Sudderth was running second followed by the 43 of Ford and the 148 of Brooks, then coming to take the white the 1 car’s motor expired too…. handing the easy win to the 34 of Greg Sudderth. With Tim Ford and Brooks 2nd and 3rd, and the 20 of Devin Stuart rounding out the top 4.

the limited and crates all qualified for starting spots an the 12 of Darrel Owenby and the 49 of Stanley on the front row. Lap 8 brought out a red flag as the 44 of Colby Kilgore got on his lid coming off of turn 2 with the 31x of Tyler Millwood also involved. The racing was hot and heavy but when the checkered dropped it was the 12 of Owenby followed by the 53 of Picklesimer and I will be honest I can’t remember if it was the 7 or the t6 that was next, I know that the T6 of Todd Hernandez was flyin! As he worked his way up thru the field.

Next came the limited late models and no one had anything for Devin Dilbeck as he marched wire to wire for the win followed by the 38 of Oliver, I want to give honorable mention to the B4 of Brian Jackson since he came from next to last row to run 6th I think….

the Late Model feature was simply the Derek Ellis show the ditchdigger was on a rail all night long, Aaron Ridley made a good try and put on a good race with the 105 car for ton of laps but finally has mechanical issues with the new Rayburn car and dropped out. Ellis was followed to the line by the 8 of the “teacher “ David Payne and Shaun Chastain.

It was a great night of racing and there was a few blown motors and one car on it’s lid, but overall a great night!

The only things I can see that need to be changed is they need a truck with dry dirt to cover the oil and water that is spilled when a car crashes, and the flagman needs to be quicker on throwing the yellow when a car is sideways on the track, but over all a great night of racing!!!

Cant wait for the big show next week!

These results are not official they are just from my memory so I could be wrong , check website of the track for official results.


the dr.



  1. SLY 1 says:

    Seems to me you had a great night Dr,,I miss the dirt,,used to be a lot of fun back in the day,,,,another great blog Dr,,thanks.

  2. Shynloco says:

    Hi Guys & Gals,
    You know it occurs to me that you folks may not know how well you have it down Georgia way being able to go to Late Model races. I have to honestly admit I’ve never been to a Late Model race, but have watched them on TV whenever Smoke does his Eldora special. Its not that I wouldn’t go, but we just don’t have them in my area. Dirt tracks are also a rarity for us probably because of all the UPITY idiots that seem to make up a fair portion of the population in California. Ok I’m done cryin, but don’t take for granted the opportunities you have in your surrounding area and part of our country. And thanks Mitch for taking the time to keep us abreast of life down south and in your neck of the woods. I’m just hopin this suck economy does affect your fun too negatively.

    My best to all my friends and to the good folks down in Georgia!


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