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NGS results for 4/11/2010

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April 11 2010 North Ga Speedway……..

First things first, I want to thank the Murray County Deputy who works the front gate for reminding me that my tag had expired, I had the sticker over the visor and he was kind enough to remind me to put it on……

And I want to give a special thanks to the track announcer Tony Ray for calling me to the tower and letting me tell folks about this blog…. your doing a super job Tony keep up the good work!

No on to the nights events, I had the pleasure of talking to Tom Peters, one of the 2 track promoters, tonight before the race for a few minutes and I asked him about how the new management thought the progress was coming along, and if they had found anything they could improve on , Tom told me “oh yeah we are learning every week,and we have a few issues that we are working through with track officials getting familiar with each other and so we got a fluid way that we are working on with all the pit officials to smooth things up…… it is always a learning process when you get started”. Any big changes coming in the next months? “we are looking at some of the rules in limited, and we are working with them to find out what are good for everyone we want to be flexible so it works for everyone”. Tom said and he added,” like in “b” hobby we told them if they have 8 cars they will run in their own race, and not have to run with the econo hobbys, and we are more than pleased with the turn out of fans and cars, it is more than we expected, and we are very very pleased with it so far.” The management seems willing to work with drivers and teams to come up with a good way to make things better and this is a very big step forward for the track.

Now, to the racing, ….

2 heats for the econo hobby’s with Rob Johnson winning the first and Larry Higgins winning the second.

The 3 top classes all qualified, and then straight to features.

The Crate late models lined up and it was the 12 of Owenby all over again, no one had anything for him, he lead wire to wire, followed by the 64 of Anderson the 3D of Jim bob Davis and the 38 of Chip Brindle.

The limited late models lined up for their feature, and when they finally got a good start it was the 1 car of Trig Parris setting say followed by the 38 of Jamie Oliver , the 45 of Hair and the 11 of Davy Davis, it run pretty much that way til the last lap when the 11 got a big run coming off of turn 4 and passed Hair for 3rd, very good drive by Davy Davis as he pulled off a 3rd place , so it was the 1 of Parris, 38 of Oliver 11 of Davis and the 45 of Hair.

The super late models were next and it was the “ditchdigger Derek Ellis taking the early lead, followed by the Chattanooga Flash of Ronnie Johnson, Johnson broke a drive shaft coming under the flag stand and ended his night, he had broke a drive shaft on Friday night at Boyd s too! He may need to find a new drive shaft supplier… from then on it was nothing but a Ditchdigger show as the Coach David Payne gave pursuit but could not catch the flyin 99 of Ellis, and at the checkered it was the 99 of Ellis the 8 of Payne, the 33 of Brian Reese and the 105 of Graves, Graves missed his qualifying run because he could not get the car start, but he sure had it started in the feature coming from shotgun on the field to run 4th.

Modified pony run next with the 32 of Billy Callahan leading wire to wire followed very closely but the 14 of Ralph Langston the 29 of Brandon Stanfield and Natasha Stokes in the 27N only 4 cars finished the race, the Stock Pony’s put on one of the best shows of the night when leader Grady Stokes lost one of his hood pins and was making laps with the hood standing almost straight up, then the other pin finally gave up the ghost and it flew up blocking his vision but he was not deterred, he keep going leading and looking out the side window, then when a caution flew he was forced to the pits to remove the hood, coming back out in 5th place, he then put on a clinic and in 2 laps was 3rd then in the best battle of the night, Stokes, the 17m of Matt McCallum and the X1 of Grady Garnett running 3 wide at times through the turns with Grady Stokes coming from the back on a restart to win the Stock pony feature, then when the photographer started taking pictures I think everyone in the pits was in the shot of Grady Stokes’ winning pictures, at least 20 people were there to wish him well on the great job he done coming from the back.

On a special note, driver of the b7 Bear Patterson hit the wall very hard in turn 2 during qualifying when his steering broke , at first it was thought he was OK but after a bit the ambulance was called and he was transported to the hospital with neck injuries no work on his condition right now.

There are a few that really put on a show tonight by driving from the back to get a good finish the B39 of Brian Burke in Crates had to pit to repair some bent sheet metal but cam back out and went to work passing cars to finish 5th, the 105 of Graves who could not get his car started for his qualifying lap, run 4th in a come from behind run.

Even though the car count was low it was a great night of racing and what a wonderful way to get the season started with 3 good nights of racing, a special thanks to all the officials who worked hard tonight to make all this happen and get everyone home at a decent hour.

I also want to say hey to 2 new buddies I have Ben and Sam who got to see their very first dirt track race tonight thanks to Marty Bingham ( see his link below) Marty brought out a fine couple guys and I talked with them and introduced them to Brian Burke who spen some time talking to the new fans, it’s great to see new fans!! thanks Marty for bringing them out.

If you want to see a driver highlighted here let me know, we will see what we can do.


the dr.


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  1. Anna says:

    Any pics of the Danny pippin #76 car or wreck? thanks

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