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Mid week ramblings….

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Mid week ramblings……

I am going to cover a little from all forms of racing this week….

Kasey Kahne signs with Hendricks … this sucks! I think it will be bad for racing in as much as it gives one team to big of an advantage, but so be it… Kahne will start in the 5 car in 2012 until then it is still up in the air where he will drive in 2011, Stewart/Haas, maybe….. they are all open wheelers over there, tony former sprint car driver, Ryan Newman , former sprint car driver… should be interesting.

Now on to real racing, word has it Jeff Jones don’t have his motor back as yet so we won’t be seeing him this weekend, Gary Mac is getting real close, he was there Saturday night helping Jerry Bradley.

Adam Earwood who blew his motor at another track last Saturday night should have his motor ready to go and he will be running at NGS this season.

Eric Whitner should be back with his car repaired after the crash a couple weeks ago…

We may see Jamie Parker this week, Kolby Kilgore may be back if he can get his body back on, I heard rumor that Outlaw Graphic’s has offered to help him out withsome numbers. If you need any kind of Graphics done you need to call “Outlaw” you can see his work at

There was a meeting at the drivers meeting last Saturday night regarding Limited class and weight, it was put up to a vote and with 10 people voting it wound up a tie, so for now no changes.

As reported here last week, Tom Peters has agreed that if the class can get 8 cars he will open a new class for “B” hobby at NGS, paying $175.00 to win. This would be a good chance to get the steel body cars in a class where they could put on a good show, and not have to run with the sheet metal body cars in Econo hobby.

I was speaking to a local chassis builder at the track last Saturday, and he said he couldn’t understand why more drivers didn’t take the weight break and run a 602 crate motor,

Econo Hobby 2900 lbs.

Econo Hobby using the CRATE ENGINE 2700 lbs.

This is from the Tracks website rule book

But in reading this I also found this……

B. OPTIONAL BODIES: Stock Appearing Aftermarket Steel or Aluminum bodies will be allowed. All

aftermarket bodies must have plastic nose and tail pieces, Roofs must be Stock Appearing Fiberglass or

Steel, No Dirt Late Model style roofs. Hood may be fiberglass, aluminum or steel. If you use a aftermarket

body install it right, No flat-sided bodies, No Dirt Late Model Style Bodies allowed. All bodies must be

mounted Straight-up this means your roof is mounted exactly in the center of the chassis (left to right) All

bodies stock or aftermarket are subject to approval by the technical inspector.

Now it plainly states that “No dirt late model style bodies.” but it sure seems that there are lots of Hobby cars that sure look like a dirt late model…. Maybe that is just thru my eyes……

Next time your at the track look at some of the cars in Hobby class…you decide.

Full racing program this week in all classes, and the track has been really really fast the past few weeks but now this week we haven’t had any rain so it may dry out sooner this week and go dry slick…. we will see.

If you do come out to the track track me down and introduce yourself! I love to meet the fans! And if you have a driver you want to see highlighted here please let me know, or if your a driver and you want to get on here, just send me a message at And we will put the ball in motion!





  1. SLY 1 says:

    Dr you sure know how to hurt a guy don’t ya,,I don’t mean Kahne,,that I agree with you on,, HMS has got the corner on teams,,as far as your local racing = I sure wished I lived up that way,, sounds like you ol boys have a ball,,as I did growing up–oh well It sure sucks getting old,,you miss the good stuff,,thats for sure,,good Blog Dr,,as always.

    • drflavio309 says:

      well then just bring yourself on up here… you know you and yours are always welcome at the dr’s house… night or day!!!!

      the dr.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    I think I like Kahne even better now!!! Maybe he’ll end up showing how J.J. how to do it… He does pretty danged good in mediocre equipment.. Can you imagine the possibilities now?

  3. Shynloco says:

    Hi Guys,
    Regarding Kasey and HMS. The one thing for sure is that when a driver gets up to HMS, the excuses for not winning end. I guess my point is that HMS may present the BEST opportunity for winning as far as equipment goes, but as much as I like and respect all their drivers, all the snivelin in the world comes to an end and theres no reason why each and everyone of those drivers do not wealk away with a win every week. So now it’s Kasey’s turn at the wheel at HMS. Perhaps he’ll give JJ a run for his money because none of the other present driver have really done SHIT to de-throne JJ & Chad.

    My best to all you guys up here at “the dr’s corner.”

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