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Adam Earwood B hobby driver…..

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April 2010
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Adam Earwood, Hobby Driver.

When you look in the dictionary under “hobby” car, you will find a picture of the 34 car of Adam Earwood. This man is what hobby is all about, a steel body car and lot’s of heart.

Adam has been racing for 10 years, he loves the fans, the fellowship of the other racers and the competition. He has been married to his wife Kristie for 15 years, and they have one child, Alexis.

Adam has but one goal, and that is to win a race, this is a goal that he should realize this year, he has been getting around NGS pretty good this year in his chevy Malibu which is sponsored by Precision graphic’s, Ocoee Tire, and Evans Metal. I am sure his sponsors are proud to have their name on Adam’s car. Adam has a clean driving style that is admired by others both fans and drivers alike. His only superstition is Karma, and we all know about good Karma. When you see the 34 unload at North Ga. Speedway, you know he is racing where he wants to race, he really likes the red clay 1/3 mile. He would like to venture down south and run Dixie Speedway a time or two, but he really likes NGS.

Adam is 35 years old, and works as a welder/ fabricator when he isn’t racing. He likes fishing and hunting  . Some of his fondest memories are of watching his Dad and uncle’s race when he was small. Adam don’t really care who he is racing against he just wants to race. He is fond of the J1 of John Jones and Scott Bloomquist, and he lives by the saying that “ hard work and honesty will always pay off in the end.” he likes to say “drive it like you stole it …. but remember you have to fix it too….” ain’t that the truth?

Adam says if he was to ever get a call up to the “big’s “ he would like for it to be from Richard Childress, because RC’s cars and drivers comes before all else.

I know that when the track opened this year for playday I was impressed with the driving of this man, and the appearance of his car, he was smooth, clean and fast. He takes his racing seriously and don’t like rules that are not followed or rules that are broken….

So next time your sitting there watching car pull into the track you can bet if you see the 34 coming in it will be a good show! So Next Saturday night when the 34 rolls out all you fans stand up and let him know you like him being at North Georgia Speedway!



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    A good man driving a good lookin’ Chey? He’ll be visiting Victory Circle soon.. No doubt.

  2. OhioJody says:

    I wish Adam luck !!!Enjoyed reading this .

  3. kristie earwood says:

    thanks guys for the suport, hope to see u guys at track!!

  4. Shynloco says:

    Morning Guys & Gals!

    Nice job on Adam and the 34 car. Just for info folks, I just got a neat birthday gift from one of my son’s and his family. It’s a book entitled, The 200-MPH Billboard,(the inside story of how big money changed NASCAR) by Brain Williams, the nightime anchor of NBC nightly news. I just started reading the book which is an indepedant analysis how how times have changed the landscape of stock car racing in the us. In fact, Williams starts out by talking about mnay of the drivers such as Adam that the dr. just profiled. Interesting reading and it gives me a much better realistic understand of why things are so SCREWED UP IN NASCAR. Money has long been the downfall of man and if NASCAR doesn’t mind it’s business and rein in some the of foolishness, then they’ll go broke and they’ll dedesrve that fate. But the one thing WIlliams does point out, that as long as there are “Home Tracks” and people like Adam Earwood, even “STock Car” racing will have surved the money hungry – ego -power yoyo’s we see weeklyu on the TV.
    So I salute Adam and all the Adams that pack in the local tracks in our nation and provide the kind of racing that started out in the 30’s and has survived the big money issues that eventually ruin all good things.
    My best to all of you and to my friend the dr., who keeps us all abreast of the folks that really matter in our country. After all, in my books, they are the REAL heros of Auto Racing and not the panty waste rich kids we watch on TV on weekends. But you gotta admit, those kids do provide with a laugh now and then…shy.

  5. Kelley Waldroup says:

    Way to go Adam! A great story about a great racer!

  6. Adam Earwood says:

    thanks for all the kind words hope all enjoys the races

  7. I agree with your Blog and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your work. I love your content & the way that you write. It looks like you’ve been doing this for a while now, how long have you been blogging for?

  8. Alexis earwood says:

    I’m so proud of my dad! I love watching him race, too! Good luck dad, hope you win a lot more races!!!! GO 34!

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