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4-16-10 NGS Results……

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April 2010
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3-16-10 NGS results……

The car count wasn’t that high, but MAN O MAN was it fast!!! Tony Knowles set fast time with a 12.31 lap in super late models, and then put on a clinic on how to work lap traffic, it was a super race……

but back to the start of the night……. I want to thank the “North Georgia Speedway Dancers” for the show they put on while the crews packed the track, these 6 youngsters put on a show and danced like pro’s to every song that the announcer Tony Ray played for them,I think my favorite was the “Chicken Dance”!!!

After the prayer and National Anthem, where the flag was carried by a super sharp 69 Chevelle. Hot laps went without incident but showing that the track was going to be super fast.

The limited qualified tonight and the D11 of Davy Davis pulled a Ronnie Johnson by showing up late, jumping in the car with no practice goes out and sets fast time with a 13.55 to put him on the pole for the limited feature. I talked to Davy after he got out of the car and asked him about showing up late he said” we been really busy and we almost didn’t get here, but I guess it was good for us we didn’t have time to screw the car up”.

Craig Burrows in the 23 car set fast time in the Crate class putting him and the 7 of Jason Deal on the front row for the crate feature.

Then came the wicked fast super late models with Tony Knowles setting a fast time with a 12.31 second lap around the red clay third mile track.

The Econo hobby feature was really confusing, seemed like some of the modified hobby cars made the field as the 3 cars of Joe Dockery, Jeff Jacobs, and Ronnie Sanders just walked away, lapping most of the field 3 times in a 20 lap feature. with the final order at the checkered

1 Joe Dockery #20

2 Jeff Jacobs #j19

3 Ronnie Sanders #17

4 Dave Fletcher #72

The Modified hobby feature was a lot better race with the 20 of Devin Stuart setting sail at the green and running off and hiding the 1 of Jr Whitner and the 90 of Greg Brown put on a good show for second and it was good to see Heather Taylor out therewith her new motor running with Tim Ford for 5th. Final order

1 Stuart #20

2 Jr. Whitner #1

3 Greg Brown #90

4 Dink Torbett #22

5 Tim Ford #43

6 Heather Taylor #07

There was one ordeal that could have been avoided, when the move over flag was given to the H31 car he tried to move down, but the 20 of Devin Stuart dove under him going into turn one and pushed the lapped car up into the wall coming off of turn 2. It was announced in the drivers meeting that when the cars are given the move over flag, move to the Bottom of the track. Patience guys just a little of it goes a long way.( Let me correct this, there was no contact made by the 20 of stuart, he raced the H31 car clean and passed him without contact, the H31 should of obeyed the move over flag and moved to the bottom and he would not of put so many cars in the spot they were in. )SLOWER CARS MOVE TO THE BOTTOM!

The Crates rolled out next with Craig Burrows and Jason Deal on the front row, the 23 of Burrows won the drag race to turn 1 but could not hold off the hard charging Jason deal as he took the lead and started pulling away, followed by the 23 and the 53 of Picklesiemer these 3 checked out and started lapping the field on lap 10 the 27 of Patrick Harvey and the 12 of Owenby put on a great show for the 4th spot. But when the checkered flew it was

1 Jason Deal #7

2 Craig Burrows #23

3 Joe Picklesiemer #53

4 Darrell  Owenby #12

5 Patrick Harvey #27

6 Kenny Kizzar # A-1

7 Jim Bob Davis #3d

The Limited cars fired up for a 20 lap feature with “Mr. Late Getting there “ Davy Davis in his D11 on the pole with 2 time winner Devin Dilbeck filling the front row. The drop of the green saw Dilbeck blasting to the lead followed closely by Davis. The battle was good through out the entire race with the front 3 putting on a great show but at the checkered

it was Devon Dilbeck winning,

1 Devin Dilbeck #30

2 Davy Davis #D11

3 Shannon Bearden #17

4 Lee Gray #11

5 Jamie Lunsford #41

Then came the super fast super late models with The Ditchdigger Derek Ellis and Tony Knowles on the front row, when the green dropped it was all Ellis and he was hounded by the 26 of Knowles all the way, lap 12 saw the 13 of George Masburn spin in turn 3 collecting the r12 of Rodney Weeks and the B4 of Brian Jackson,Mashburn was able to roll away under his owm power, the hook was called for the r12 of Weeks, and the B4 headed to the pits with sheet metal damage to the right rear, and for those of you who were watching you saw none other than “the dr.” lend a hand to his old buddy Brian Jackson by pulling out the sheet metal from the right rear and giving the car a quick look. I told him it was good to go, and off he went. Even though Jackson was running in a class he normally don’t run he made a good show, when the green flew again the leader Ellis started lappin traffic and as he came up on the B4 of Jackson the B4 went low where he was supposed to go and Ellis also went low handing the lead to Knowles when Ellis got caught up behind the B4, Knowles never looked back taking the win and breaking the streak of Ellis.

1 Tony Knowles #26

2 Shaun Chastain #X15

3 Derek Ellis #99

4 David Payne #8

The Mod pony’s rolled out next and it was Charlie Stokes driving in place of his brother Grady who was at Dixie Speedway. Charlie had not driven in 5 years but put on a show, with the 00 and the 99 of Seth Wilson and the 14 of Ralph Lansgton when the leaders started  lapping cars the 00 dumped water all over the track and headed for the pits, followed by the 99 of Wilson both cars were running second and third, on the restart it was the 27 of Charlie Stokes followed by the 14 of Langston the 7 of Caleb Howard and the 28s of Brandon Stansfield. coming to the checkered Langston put a move on the 27 and got around him for the win.

1 Ralph Langston #14

2  Charlie Stokes #27

3 Caleb Howard #7

4 Brandon Stansfield #28s

And i confess I didn’t get the running order of stock pony. Will do better next week.

Over all it just shows that a low car count don’t mean there isn’t good racing! The track was awesome fast, no major damage to any cars or drivers. In general, another awesome night of Racing at NGS. Come out next week and watch the mud fly!!

the dr.

CYA@THERACES  see the action here……



  1. Caleb Howard says:

    im glad you remembered the pony class!

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