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Eric Whitner, Crate late model driver…..

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April 2010
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North Georgia Speedway draws drivers from near and far, and it has drawn one driver from Copper Hill Tn, named Eric Whitner. Eric runs the Crate class at NGS in his 604 powered Rocket chassis. He drives the #31.

Eric started racing karts when he was 13 years old and loves racing, it is one of the things he can do with his father who is one of the crew on Eric’s car. Spending time with his father is one of the things Eric really loves to do, 4 wheeling and hunting fall in there to but spending time with Dad is special.

Eric is not married, (attention ladies!!!) and his favorite driver is David Payne who also run’s NGS in the #8 Super Late model. Eric is also a big Ray Cook fan. He gives David “the coach” Payne lots of credit for his knowledge and his success in racing, this is his 3rd season in a Crate car, and he is starting to figure it out pretty fast. His goals for this year are to be competitive and win a race or two, something I can see him doing soon. He really likes NGS and also Smokey Mountain Speedway. He dreams of someday running at Virginia Motor Speedway.

When I asked Eric about who he likes to race against he said” I like running against the big names when they step down to run in the crate class, I feel like I can learn from them racing with then, and racing against the best makes you a better driver”. That is smart thinking from a young, up and coming driver.

Eric likes working with metal and makes his own bodies for his car. Eric would love to have a shot to drive for Richard Childress Racing some day simply because Dale Sr. drove for him.

He loves the big tracks and would love to run Eldora someday, and he is not superstitious about his racing. Eric is proud to have fans cheering for him and he does his best to make them proud to be a fan of the 31 car, “ second is nothing but first loser “ says Eric. And he strives to be the best he can be.

His sponsor is Blackwell Auto Sales in Blairsville Ga, Eric would like to thank his Dad and God for getting him to where he is today.

I got to say that for being 30 years old he has his head on his shoulders square and is looking to become a better driver. I know I have been impressed with his style of driving and his approach to racing, he really strives to just get better.

So when the crates roll out next Saturday night and you see the black #31 Blackwell Auto Sales Rocket of Eric Whitner you know he will be working to get better and to get up front.

We want to wish you the best Eric, and much success in all your racing endeavors.

The dr.


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