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Mid-week ramblings…… (or rumblings)

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April 2010
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Mid Week ramblings….(or rumblings..)

First and foremost…. For those of you who know him “outlaw” (Mark Chaplin) our favorite official at both Boyd’s speedway and North Ga. Speedway has had to go out of town due to a serious illness with his brother, got word today his brother is doing much better and Outlaw wants to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes…. but we still need to keep him and his family in our prayers. Get Well soon!And outlaw have a safe trip home!

Rumor has it there were some complaints in the limited class last week end with regards to the D11 of Davy Davis and his motor, seems Davy runs a Dry sump system and another team didn’t like it and brought it to the attention of the officials, who made Davy bolt on 50 lbs in front of the motor plate which is the way it is written in the rule book.. Now 2 things, first, a dry sump don’t make you any faster, it only makes sure that your engine is staying oiled, and second, the 50 lbs ain’t going to make that much difference on the D11 he is just bad fast! I just find it funny the very one’s who are complaining are the one’s who have had questionable smelling exhaust the past few weeks…. why put air freshener in your fuel? Unless your trying to hide something or you just like the way it smells….

The 50lbs didn’t slow Davis down any at all and he finished in front of the complaining team…. sooooo……Now it has been decided that all limited late models will be teched this coming weekend… this should be fun!

I noticed that there are lots of Hobby cars both Econo and Modified that strongly resemble “dirt Late Model “ cars … thought the rules said no late model style bodies? what is up with that?

Also in econo hobby this past Saturday night it seems the track was really fast, since 3 of the cars in Econo were running laps as fast if not faster than Modified hobby cars…..3 cars put the rest of the field a full 2 laps down and a car or two 3 laps down, all in 15 laps….

It was good to see the hobby car of Heather Taylor back after blowing a motor while leading her heat a few weeks ago, she had a decent run, way to go Heather, keep on charging!

It was also good to see Colby Kilgore back out there with a new body on the familiar 44 car… guess he ran out of tape since he was running #1…..

The B4 of Brian Jackson had a really good run when he ran with the supers, with his crate car. The crash with Mashburn and Weeks damaged the car more that was visable in the pits but he still made a show if it, lost oil pressure with 3 laps to go so he pulled in. But a good job “runnin with the big boys…”

I am hearing it may not be long before we see the J28 back out there….. he told me today it would be a couple weeks…..Got a few drivers who have signed on to have a driver profile done, will be posting those as I get them done!

weather man said it looks like rain this weekend so everyone keep your fingers crossed.


the dr.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Air Freshener in the fuel? I love it when you get into the controversial stuff dr.!!!
    “Man, that’s some sweet smelling exhaust!!… Is that lavender or morning dew!?!?'”
    I’m willing to bet that the whiners are the ones that are up to no-good…

    • drflavio309 says:

      it may seem like i dreamed this up but it is true… it works some times, if no one is wise to this little trick…. but NOTHING gets by the

      the dr.

  2. Caleb Howard says:

    still no mod pony or pure pony stuff? must not be a important class but still pay the same amount of money to get in and race! they put just enough if not more into there cars and race just as hard but dont receive and credit!

    • drflavio309 says:

      do you hve some news about pony calss that you would like to share with me? if so I would be more than happy to include it, but since I don’t have a pony driver who will keep me in the loop[ I can’t include news about the class…
      the dr.

  3. Shynloco says:

    Hi Guys,
    I know this post may be a bit late, but I’m just now getting around to read ALL my mail as of late. And as to the complaints, I LIKE the idea of running a dry sump pump even if I don’t know enough about late models and the rules. But I do know how they can help keep better lubrication in the engine. Sounds like even after the officials made him bolt on 50 more dead lbs of weight, that guy had the best running ride out there, pump or no pump. But I agree got to try to keep the field level for fun and competition, even if that is a complete myth and will never happen. Better equipment and set-ups IS better equipment.

    My best to all up here!

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