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Caleb Howard , Pony Driver

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April 2010
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To win you must have dedication, and the driver we are looking at today has it. Caleb Howard, pony driver of the #7. Caleb is 21 and works for Dalton Utilities, but Caleb gave up a career with the Fire Dept to chase his dream of racing. The men at station #9 sent a message to Caleb, “should he ever get tired of racing they would love to have him back.” one quote that stood out in my mind was “I would be proud to follow you in a house fire.” from
Lt. Jackie McCorkle. That is something not many people can say. But Caleb gave that up to drive a race car.

Caleb graduated from Northwest Whitfield High School in 2006, he is single, but Caleb says he looks forward to having children some day.

His goals for this season are to finish all the races and win a few, I think we all can see that happening. In his 3rd year of driving he says his favorite driver locally is Grady Stokes, who Caleb says helped with his car his favorite big time driver is the Chattanooga Flash Ronnie Johnson

. North Ga. Speedway is his favorite track but wants to try Green Valley Speedway one day. If Caleb isn’t racing you will find him in the woods, hunting, which is his second love. Don’t matter what he is hunting he just loves to hunt.

When asked who he would like to race against he says” I want to run with the best, that is where you learn everything” smart kid! Caleb went to the races for the first time when he was about 5 or 6 with Lee Gray who he went to school with, and the first time he went with his hero Grady Stokes Grady won. He says he don’t have any superstitions, “I got a black and green car and I have eat peanuts at the track” says Caleb. I asked him what he likes least about racing and he said “ money and time, because it takes all I got”. Driving in NASCAR Caleb says he would want to drive for Joe Gibbs so he could have Kyle “Rowdy” Busch as a teammate.

Caleb has Hayes Radiator and Garrett’ss Gas Lines as sponsors and his crew list is a long one, Grady Stokes, Ralph Langston, Lamar “bones” Cook, Bryan Cook, Alexis Cook, Natasha Stokes, Pete, Wendell, Milk Money, Player, Nathan Howard ,Jamie Hayes,Gradyy Garrett, Jeff Garrett, Mikie Silvers and his Dad, John Howard.

When I asked Caleb where he would like to race his answer was simple, “on the big tracks with the big boys”.

Caleb would like to give a big special thanks to the following:Dad&Beverly, Mom& Wayne, Nathan, Stokes Racing, Langston Racing and the guys at Dalton Utilities.

Caleb says his favorite saying is” It’s only money, cheat a little, lie a lot, and win a few”. Caleb really likes talking to the fans,and see’s them as one of his favorite things about racing.

So next time you see the black and green #7 roll into the track you know a little about him stand up and wave at him when he goes by, let him know his fans are watching, I know I will be.A special thanks to Mike at  for   some of the  photos used in this story.



  1. FLETCH346 says:

    Good for that young man!! All the luck to him and with his age.. He’s sure to be running ‘on the big tracks with the big boys..’

    • drflavio309 says:

      watch for him fletch…. he is a super kid him and i know lots of the same people and everyone speaks very highly of him…i think i will be calling his name in the win column this year sure as the world!!

      the dr.

  2. Amanda says:

    Congrats little brother congrats!! And to thank you took all that time off to help me with my Relay for life plans to rid the world of cancer,super kid they say,maybe I’ll agree.

    love ya little bro.

  3. ladybugist says:

    Hey Doc–great profile on this young man—sounds like he is making his parents very proud—would like to see him race—maybe even follow his career in racing.

  4. jennifer morrow says:

    Caleb Im so proud of you. Win your big sis one!!!!

  5. Eva McClure says:

    I am so proud of you son. Win one for me too. I love you son. I wish you all the luck in the world. Look out Nascar, here comes Caleb!

  6. Pat Stephens says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic review Caleb. Can’t wait to watch you race. GO #7, GO!!!!

  7. Caleb Howard says:

    Caleb, I have watched you from the very start. You can not imagine how proud your Dad and I am of you. We know the road has not been easy, but you never give up. We look forward to every sat night with you. We belive in you son! Love Bev and Dad

  8. michelle chambers says:

    Congrats Caleb! Wishing you all the best life has to offer! Sending love from Iowa…..Michelle, Mike, Makayla, and Aunt Donna

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