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Mid Week Ramblings…… or rumblings…

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April 2010
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Mid week ramblings……. or rumblings.

News for the week….

Grady Stokes will be back in the #27 Mod pony car this week, and his daughter Natasha Stokes will be in the N27 again, since the damage she got last race has been fixed.

Charlie Stokes will be driving next race too.

Seems the pony drivers are chomping at the bit to go racing!!!

Caleb Howard who was recently profiled here at top of the box, has got his leaky oil pan fixed and he just may be a force to be reckoned with…..

Davy Davis has his 50 lbs in place and is ready to go…

Still waiting on word from a few drivers who are waiting on motor parts to have a car ready, so it is looking good for a god car count next race, if mother nature will be nice,

Seems like the rules seem to be the hot topic the past week with the rain dampening everyone spirits. Everyone has a different view on how rules should be, but the fact of the matter is.. rules are rules, they need to be followed and enforced. I think the track has been trying to just get the show to run smooth and will get to the rules soon, you can’t do everything at once.

Some of the rules I think could use some tweaking, and some just need to be enforced. But as I said the crew at the track have come along way from the first night, and things are progressing nicely, so I see the rules issues being fixed next.

The last time out the track was “super super” fast, but some didn’t like it, trust me I will take mud over dust any day!!!! the crew done a AWESOME job with the track last week.

I really would like to see North Ga Speedway and Boyd’s team up and get the rules more in line with each other, and use the nights these 2 tracks run to a huge advantage. NGS runs Saturday nights, and Boyd’s runs Friday nights, now this could really be a huge boost to both tracks, with car count, and fans in the seats, which is the name of the game….

Well thats about it for the news this week, if any one has anythingelse please send it to the dr at and we will get it mentioned, and on here so every one will know!

New profile  coming tomorrow!!


the dr.

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