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May 1st NGS Ellis Wins Again!

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May 2010
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With rain on the horizon the night started out with 2 broke down pack cars, so the officials asked the hobby drivers to come out and help, a few did. So when the drivers meeting started Timmy Millwood told the drivers, “thanks to the ones who came out and helped pack the track, but we have to get started, and it is still pretty wet, but it is what it is, you will just have to race on it” seems the only ones who really had a problem with the track tonight was the wreckers, causing delay after delay due to the muddy inside of the track, but they got the job done…. it just took them a while.

Just as the hot laps started word come down that the “other” track up north of NGS got rained out and there was a slew of cars headed south.

The 2 heats in Modified hobby were good races with Devin Dirt Demon Stuart winning the first one and Larry Higgins winning the second one putting those 2 on the front row for the feature.

From there it was all Larry Higgins as he lead wire to wire .

1 #11 Larry Higgins

2 # 20 Devon Stuart

3 # 1 Jr. Whitner

4 #10 John Clark

Econo Hobby was a 4 car show, with Mike Fletcher taking his second  win, after Joe Dockery dropped out leaking fluids

1 #72 Dave Fletcher

2 #19 Jeff Jacobs

3# 20 Joe Dockery

4 # 64 Glen Grimsley

The crate’s lined up for the crate feature with Darrell Owenby and Chip Brindle on the front row, and at the drop of the green it was the 12 of Owenby on a rail followed by the 38 of Chip brindle, Patrick Harvey and Craig Burrows fought for the next two spots, but at the checkered it was the 12 of Owenby for his 3rd win of the season, followed by the 38 of Chip brindle and the A-1 of Kenny Kizzar, who was protested at Boyd’s Friday night and refused to tear down, so it seemed he had a score to settle with Brindle,but he could not get around him even with a  ( please note that the word Questionable, has been retracted, the Engine in the A-1 was found legal last night at the Memorital Day race, and since I said I would retract it he was found legal , I have done so, I try to be a man of my word. the dr.) motor, so he had to settle for 3rd followed by the 23 of Burrows.

1 #12 Darrell Owenby

2 #38 Chip Brindle

3 # A-1 Kenny Kizzar

4 # 23 Craig Burrows

Then came the limited feature with Leon Brindle and Brian Jackson on the front row and the brothers Burke on row 2 the 37 of Kevin and Brian Burke in the Chip Burke #11at the drop of the green Brian Jackson flat checked out, leaving the 38 of Leon Brindle the 11 of Brian Burke and the 71 of Spenser Singleton to fight it out, Burke and Brindle put on a good show fighting for second with the 71 of Singleton giving Burke all he wanted, but the 71 finally retired with a locked up right front brake. and Devin Dilbeck made a good run coming from deep in the field to run 4th with the finishing order at the checkered, B4 of Brian Jackson, the 38 of Brindle, the 11 of Brian Burke and the 30 of Devon Dilbeck.

1 # B4 Brian Jackson

2 #38 Leon Brindle

3 #11 Brian Burke

4 #30 Devin Dilbeck

The Late Model feature was another Derrick Ellis show as he lead wire to wire, it was good to see the M29 of Gary MacPhearson back with his car, the battle was good behind Ellis, with the Coach David Payne and the 66 of Knowles getting together and bringing out a yellow, but no one had anything for the Ditchdigger Derrick Ellis so at the checkered it was

1 #99 Derrick Ellis

2 #44 Rogers

3 # 29 Gary Mac Phearson

4 #60 of Gar Dickson

In the Mod Pony feature there were some cars that came down from that other track and I am sorry I did not get the names, I was in the flag stand having the time of my life, I do know that Grady Stokes and Ralph Langston were really going at it until something happened and Grady was sent to the back, then he broke while trying to move back to the front, and Ralph Langston ran a super race but got snookered on the last lap by the 24 car,Caleb Howard was making a good run until he tangled with the 38 car and flattened his front tire.

In Stock pony the 1x of Grady Garrett was bad fast and made a good run at the front until he had a flat and had to pit, then he came back out and on his way back to the front he had another flat…. not a good night for Garrett, but the 41x of Lamar Cook held off a late race charge by the hard charging Matt McCollum in the 17 who tried every way he could to get around but had to settle for second. At the checkered it was

1 #41 Lamar Cook

2 #17 Matt McCollum

3 #14 Donald Stone

4 #1x Grady Garrett

It was a great night of racing since all surrounding tracks got rained out, and other than the mud, it was pretty fast too, good to see some new faces at the track this week, and I got to meet a few new fans.

Watch for my blog highlighting my time in the flag stand on Monday!!


the dr.



  1. ladybugist says:

    Hey Doc where is Heather Taylor—did she not race last night?

    • drflavio309 says:

      she chose to go to Tri county Raceway …………and they got rained out……said that her dad, didn’t want to pull all the way to NGS and then get rained out….so they got rained out closer to home, she is from Copperhill TN.

      the dr.

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    I’m beginning to take a liken’ to that ol Fletcher Boy!! LOL

  3. FLETCH346 says:

    Sure makes me ‘question’ the validity of it all..

    Which, in fact, tends to make this ‘questionable’… Just because the act is questionable doesn’t make it ‘illegal’
    That is, unless, the party in question knows of some illegality of the issues at hand.

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