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Driver Profile, Joe Dockery….

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May 2010
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When I picked this driver, there was one word that I kept thinking about, Humble, and this driver fits that perfectly, Joe “Joe Dirt” Dockery, driver of the econo Hobby #d20.

Joe has been racing for 4 years, and 3 of them at Sugar Creek Raceway. He calls Blue Ridge Ga, home and is one of the “Blue Ridge Bandits” along with Devin Stuart.

Joe has had a very good start to the year this year in Econo Hobby, winning once and is in second in points. Joe runs a Jig-a-lo Chassis with a stock clip.

Joe says what he likes most about racing is the adrenaline rush, going fast and showing just how humble he is, he says it is the privilege of just being on the track.

Ray Cook and Dale Earnhardt are his favorite drivers, and says he don’t like dirty drivers. North Georgia is his favorite because he says ”it’s the fastest track I have ever been on”. Although he still has dreams of running Eldora someday, Joe is 35 years old , so he still has a few good years to make his dream come true.

His goals for this year are to win more races, and to win the championship, he is well on his way to that one. Joe has a clean driving style that keeps him at the front of the pack most nights.

When Joe isn’t racing you will find him out 4 wheeling, hunting or working for Tow’s Septic Service. He is divorced and has 2 children Austin and Amelia, and one if his biggest fans is his girlfriend Rosie, (who helped make this profile possible).

Joe says he has no desire to be called up to the “bigs” says he don’t want to be strapped in a car for 4 hours he is perfectly happy racing on dirt!

“got dirt “ is one of his favorite sayings, and when asked why he runs number D20 he said” it was my age when my first child was born”. Look up the word Humble and you will find this man’s picture. Very quiet and soft spoken but he lets his driving do the talking for him.

Joe is sponsored by S&S Collision Center, and he would like to give a very special thanks to his brother Randy “if not for him I would not be here” says Joe. His crew is made up of Randy Dockery ,  and his son Austin Dockery. Randy is also the car owner.

Joe want to give a special thanks to the following: Mom and Dad, Rosie, Tiffany, Sidney, his daughter Amelia, and David Stuart.

Joe wants his fans to know that he will never give up until the checkered flag drops, he is a go getter and he likes racing everyone, and he says he learns from every one he races against . When he was asked about his most memorable moment in racing he says his first win … I can see him getting more wins this year, Joe simply don’t give up.

So next time you see the D20 roll onto the track stand up and wave, but know one thing, you will be waving at a true winner. Joe Dockery. Driver of the D20 Econo hobby.



  1. Joe Dockery says:

    you bring the best out of everyone… good job!!!!

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Sounds like my kind of a person,,good job Dr.

  3. Rosie says:

    good work as always Dr….keep up the good work 🙂

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