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Outlaw Nation Topless 30!!!!

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May 2010
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The news is out!

The North Georgia Speedway in Dalton/Chatsworth presents the “OUTLAW NATION TOPLESS 30” Modified Hobby (A-Hobby) event, coming Saturday night, May 15th. The $500 to-WIN 30 lap event will see a format consisting of 1-Lap Qualifying to set-up 6-lap Heat Races to determine the nights starting order., Arp’s Lawn Service and PC Computers will sponsor the event that dons a $25 entry fee, that’s being paid back thru the fields purse from 2nd place on. Racers not complying with the Topless standard for the event, may compete, though they will take a lesser amount of the purse home at the events conclusion. All regular racing divisions at NORTH GA SPEEDWAY will see competition. For more information including all rules for the Modified Hobby (A-Hobby) division and ticket prices visit the tracks web-site 24/7 at

This is going to be a super show! I can’t wait. Now lets see what other news e have….

The “Blue Ridge Bandits” Devin Stuart, and Joe Dockery, are both ready to go,
Dockery who has gas cap issues last week has that fixed and is ready to come with the super fast D20 Econo hobby.

The other “bandit” Devin Stuart found after the feature last week that he had broke his flywheel and transmission was popping outta gear. the syncronizers went out in it with 7 laps to go Saturday. its tore the center out of the flywheel. but they will be ready to go again Saturday. that’s a promise from the Bandits themselves….

Last weeks winner in Limited Brian Jackson, still isn’t sure if he will make it or not, stilll working out some new car issues, I wish I had new car issues like he had last week as he was “puttin it on ’em” .

I was really good to see the M29 of Gary MacPhearson back for his first race of the year.nd I see some super changes coming to NGS real soon, one of them was the Topless Outlaw Nation 30, and there are more things coming so grab your moma and daddy and head out to North Ga, Speedway to see some super racing!

No word this week from the pony class … guess they are busy working on cars, I know they took one of those pit pictures with everyone , and I mean EVERYONE in it…. Mike the photographer had to keep backing up… I think he was standing in the middle of the back straight when he finally took the picture. Well I may of stretched that one a little……..

The southern All Stars will be invading NGS this weekend and the list of drivers reads like a who’s who’s of dirt racing, since the Lucas Series is off this weekend. You better be there the rumor is the track record of 12.21 is GOIN DOWN!!!!! now who will set it? Never can tell but Dale McDowell holds it for now….

I am still looking for more drivers for our tracks driver profile page… it is really simple and it will get you noticed which is good for you and your sponsors..

A couple notes, you can click on the subscribe button on the top right side of this page and get a new blog every time a new one is posted, you don’t have to do anything but read it…. give it a try,

And right under that is a section called Blogroll, you will see names there well move your mouse over each of them and get a preview of that website, if you would like to put your site there let me know…..

This coming weekend I will be roaming around everywhere, you never can tell where you may find the dr. so if you see me walk up and say hi! Let me know what drivers you like and how I could improve the topofthebox I want everyone to find something here…. you want it more serious? Or funny? You want more pictures? Well if you see me walking around it would be a good chance to let me know, and who knows you may wind up mentioned here…

so until this weekend…


the dr.


1 Comment

  1. Caleb Howard! says:

    hey mitch the black and green number 7 is fixed and ready to go for another weekend at the best track in the south NGS!

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