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Mid week ramblings…. or rumblings

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With all the rumblings the past week about call’s at the track I have decided to look back ………The duo of Millwood and Peters signed the lease in early Febuary, and within days there was a set of rules, it was basic but it was out there, Timmy Milwood told me that the day they signed the lease he had 187 calls in one day ! Everyone wanting rules…. so the rush was on to get a set and get them out there, well, now time has past, and the promoters see that the rules need some changes, but it would not really be fair to up and change the rules dramaticaly mid season, so they will be doing some slight tweaking and getting a good set ready for next year. Now keep in mind this is not written in stone this is partially speculation on my part but it comes from conversations with both Tim and Tom, lets give them a chance and lets not rumble too loud this year, this is not a one year shot, these boys are in it for the long haul. They are working with the drivers, and teams to make this a success for everyone, and they want fans in the seats and that is the name of the game. So if the drivers keep putting on the show’s like they have so far this year and the promoters keep working with the teams and drivers then this will be the start of a very very good race track.

Now to the call’s made, first the hobby race where Jr Whitner, was called for rough driving and sent to the rear, well it may of not been the best call I have ever seen but it sends a message, keep it clean and there won’t be any problems…….

The call in Crate’s.. well this is the one that seems to get the most attention, the 38 was called for making contact with the A-1 of Kizzar (wonder if he still has that “questionable” Engine?) which he did, regardless of what the A-1 done, the 38 made contact, and made it from the rear, causing the A-1 to spin, the 39 of Chip Brindle was asked 3 times on the radio to go to the rear, which he refused to do, and the whole thing blew up, with Chip driving around refusing to go to the pits, this is just not right, yeah he was mad, and yeah he was really pissed off, but his actions were not a true reflection of the driver Chip Brindle who I know is a great guy and a really mild mannered young man, but his actions really made him look bad, so in my book it was the right call, and that is why he will not be joining us for the next couple weeks. And Chip if your reading this, I think it would be a good idea for you to stand up and admit you were wrong and tell your fans” I am sorry not for punting the A-1 but for your actions after the fact”, if you need a place to do it get in touch with me we can work it out .

The call in the super race, well Randy Weaver turned completely around if I had had my hand on the yellow light switch I would of thrown it, it is one of those no win situations if the yellow was not thrown and someone hit him and was injured then it’s the flag man’s fault, if he throw’s it and 116 keeps going( like it did) then the flagman looks like he was quick on the trigger, I would rather see him err on the side of caution than for someone to get hurt. Nuff said.

Now on to practice last night, I was a bit surprised that there was not more cars there, but the one’s that did show had a good time, and a good show was put on by the promoters themselves , with Tom Peters in the 99 car

and Timmy Millwood jumping in the J19 and both of them flat getting it done!, I walked over to talk to Tom while he was waiting to go out, and all I could see was a grin … one that Ajax wouldn’t take off

…. and they were flat getting it done too.

Donnie Farmer had the real deal 07 there, first time out this year, he was looking really fast,

Delbert Haynes had his 11 Mod hobby car there, it sure looks like he got his popping issues from a week ago fixed, and he was looking like the Delbert of old…I know he has a whole basement full of hobby trophies, so will he be adding another? He told me walking to the drivers meeting, “ I am going to sit on the pole, and win the race” now was that him just being him, or does he know something we don’t?

Johnny Cloer Jr who built both the 07 of Farmer and the 11 of Haynes was there, and seems he took a ride in the 07 for a lap or two….You may need to keep a close eye on Johnny Cloer, the one time crew chief for Clint Smith has been home way to much lately and rumor has it he is putting together some mean rides, seems one of his cars got sent to the rear last week in the Crate race, seems them cars don’t like the back…….

I am also hearing that there will be a bunch of cars coming in from, that “other” track for the “Outlaw Nation 30” topless race for Mod hobby cars this week end.

So with the Outlaw Nation race coming up there is going to be a full field of Mod Hobby cars who will be qualifying and lining up just like the supers, this is going to be good! The top 3 will all get special trophies, and $500 to the winner, now who is it going to be? Be at North GA Speedway this Saturday night and find out, make sure you look for the dr and say hi.


the dr.



  1. Heather says:

    personally, in the hobby class especially, i think its all in who you are if you get in trouble for rough driving.

    • drflavio309 says:

      how many rough driving calls have been made in that class this year? this was the first one I know of…. and the shot he give the 43 may not of been much but he has been handing them out to a lot of other drivers before this so maybe it was just karma!!!lol thanks for the comment

      the dr.

  2. SLY 1 says:

    Sorry I haven’t been posting Dr ( health ) This some interesting reading and some GREAT pictures of the tracks and the cars and drivers,,I was imperssed last week with the Youtube movie,,with the cars on the parade lap – I thought it was awesome,,good post Dr.

    • drflavio309 says:

      you don’t know how happy it makes me to see your name under reply’s…. get well soon, don’t make me and fletch gang up and come down there…. sure wish you were gonna be here this weekend… the outlaw nation 30 is gonna be TOPLESS!!!!! I miss you … May the good Lord keep you in the palm of his hand,

      your friend
      the dr.

  3. FLETCH346 says:

    Great read dr…. keep yourself outta hotwater!! LOL

  4. Daniel says:

    Great Job. I enjoy reading all the post. and about the questionable engine in the A-1, I know the car owners wife explained this once before, but I will do it again for the people with “Questionable Engine” stuck in their head. When the 38 car protested the A-1, (The A-1’s first Win) @ Boyd’s, the track official/owner at Boyd’s said they were going to send the engine off to have it checked. The Boyd’s rule book says the track officials are to check it at the track. That engine is the only one the A-1 team has and if you ever met Kenny, you would know, all he wants to do is race. If they would have followed their own rules, and tore it down at the track, there would be no “Questionable Engine”, I know because I am part of the A-1 team. The Boyd’s track owner apologized to us, and allowed us to race the very next week. All we want to do is race, and have fun. As far as “Questionable Engine” is concerned, If you watch the video of the Boyd’s race, the 38 car is all over our back bumper in the Boyd’s race when he wasn’t spinning off the turns, his setup just wasn’t as good, and he ran fast enough to hit Kenny in the last race @ N GA. All I know is, we want to race, have fun, and do it again the next week.

  5. Heather says:

    but what i’m saying is i know of a few more, not mentioning any names, that can’t seem to pass someone without hitting them and they don’t get anything said to them.

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