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Outlaw Nation 30 winner is …RAin.

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May 2010
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Outlaw Nation 30 Topless race …. winner, RAIN!

It was going to be a bad fast track from the looks before the rain showed it’s ugly head, lots of people praying for the rain to go away, but …… the track called it since it would have been a major undertaking to get the race in in a timely manner.

I stood and watched as the cars rolled into the track, and a pool was started to see who was going to unload first, seems no one wanted to be the first to roll the car off the trailer. But alas, the 10 of John Clark was the first to take his car to tech, and the line started. Lots of Cleveland drivers, lot’s of NGS drivers, it was shaping up to be a good field with all the cars rolling in even with the rain threatening.

The scales seemed to be catching lot’s of drivers who had been on a diet, seems a few cars were light, some really light, but everyone was adding what ever it took to get right, and rolling back thru again to make sure.

The excitement was in the air, with lots of cars ready to race, early excitement was cars parked in the wrong spot, trying to take the spots of cars who have paid for that spot, but soon that was worked out with lot’s of help from some track official, who I will not name……

A very special thanks to the ladies at the pit gate , these ladies do a great job and you should thank them next time you go through there, feel free to tell them that the dr. told you too….

I want to say that the team who put this together had done their homework, things were moving right along and they had things ready for a good night of racing. A tip of the hat to Outlaw and his crew for the awesome work they put forth to make this happen, if you need graphic’s for your race car or your business or just for your favorite ride, call him or stop by his website I know he will take care of what ever your needs are.

I think the best show of the night was the trucks and trailers trying to get out of the track, and after thinking about the show, I consulted my brother who came with me last night for his first race in years, and only 2nd time at NGS, and him and I both agreed that the #20 car of Devin Stuart’s hauler, put on the best show, complete with horn blowing and full throttle blast to the top. There were a few who needed some help but again, we won’t mention names, but the ones who I think done the best job’s of getting a truck and trailer out with out ANY trouble, were the big Ford’s……. all 3 of the Burke Crew drove right out of there, 2 of which were Big Fords, and the years of Experience, of one of the drivers profiled here last week Brian Burke with his 2 wheel drive Big Van, but drove right out no problem…

There was a attempt of a 4 wheeler race with “Outlaw, ;inning up with Timmy Millwood on the back stretch, well, it was NOT pretty, and I suspect there will be a call of jumping the green on one part, it was great fun though.

I also want to say that while standing there watching the show, of people getting out of the pits, and a man walked up and said, “are you the dr.? “ I said “Yes I am, “ he looked me straight in the eye and said, “I am Kenny Kizzar, and I would like to talk to you” Well the conversation began, and I listened, and I talked, and I listened some more, I watched as we talked and some of the things I saw while talking to Kenny were kind of surprising to say the least, More to come on that conversation with him and I, Chip if your reading the offer is open to for you to tell your side, just holler.

But I will give you a teaser…..I was honestly impressed…about what? Well you will have to read the blog…

I do want to ask one thing, …. everyone is always wanting to play arm chair promoter, and say “I would of done this or that if it would have been me……” sitting in your chair reading about it. Lets say for the sake of conversation, the track was borderline on whether it could be racable, or not… now the promoter is standing there looking at the track, and one driver walks us and says” look we have talked it over and if the entire A hobby class is willing to pack if it will help.” now if you was a promoter what would you do? You would of give them a shot to make it work……if it did, then both sides come s out smelling like a rose, if it don’t well it was worth the try. Well only thing missing here was the driver to step up and make it happen… about it hobby drivers would you of been willing to pack in order to race? Really? Why didn’t some one say so? Oh well…. we get to go at it next week, same deal!

More on the Kizzar story in a few days, and watch for some new local names that are popping up suddenly….one is “a Johnny of all trades” woops I mean Jack of all Trades, did I just slip something there?…..

I am still looking for any info on Past Champion’s of NGS if you have any pictures , info , stories , anything please shoot it to me, at Please, any help any one can give is great,


the dr.



  1. Robbie Harrison(robuga) says:

    I bet the “Johnny of all trades” will be no other than Johnny Cloer Jr………… Will be a great story can’t wait

  2. FLETCH346 says:

    Refresh my memory.. Kizzar, was he the one with the questionable engine a couple weeks ago?

    • No, it wasn’t the “questionable motor” it was the “questionable rule ” to properly enforce their on rule. Therefore they (track) changed their ruling and made a new one, that people could/would understand. Rules need to be understood from a-z, therefore what is a rule for and furthermore who stands to benefit the most. It’s all in the wording of there own rules, make them to be clearly understood by everyone.

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