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Heather Taylor…. reposted profile

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May 2010
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What do you say to a driver who, at 19, only wants to win their first race? Well in this case, you say “you go girl!” Meet Heather Taylor, 19, and a race car driver, who has been racing for 4 years. Heather is a second generation driver, from Copper Hill Tn. following in her fathers footsteps. She loves the adrenline rush of racing, and the fans, she really likes it when the fans speak to her and know who she is. Well, she is getting lot’s of attention this year. making some of the “boys” believers. She don’t care who she is racing against, just as long as the racing is clean.

Heather list her favorite drivers as Chris Madden, Devon Dilbeck and Jason Deal. And her favorite track is North Ga. Speedway, although she always wanted to race at Atomic, or Bristol if it was full of dirt.

This is a driver who has learned her lessons well, and has applied them to her driving. She is getting the hang of it pretty quick. And she isn’t afraid to mix it up with the “boys”. She says that “belly aching” guys are the one thing she don’t like about racing.

But this is not your run of the mill “girl driver”, after spending 3 years in carts where she started running the number 0, well, when she decided to step up to cars she wanted to honor her father, who builds her cars by adding the number 7 to her former kart number thus the 07 on her car.

Heather runs modified hobby at NGS, with a Rayburn chassis with a Camaro clip. And she thinks her best skill in racing is dodging wrecks. She does have a few superstitions, no green, no peanuts, and she feels that it is important to not go into the race thinking that your going to blow everyone off the track. Humble, such a good quality for a young driver.

Watching her dad race when she was little is a very fond memory of Heather’s, and she likes spending time with her family, along with getting her nails done.

She is sponsored by Marlin Auto Service in Culberson N.C. 828-644-5709 and Mac Tools. She has her own page on My located at;

Heather would like to thank her Mom& Dad, Tom Wright, Jerry Verner, Ken Hyatt, Stanley Morrow and everyone that has helped me get to where I’m at.

So next time your at the track and you see the black 07 wave and let heather know she has some fans! Or better yet walk up and speak to her, you may even ask for an autograph, because hers is going to be worth something someday! This Girl is going places.



  1. Shynloco says:

    I wish Heather all the best and success. Knowing the dr, she must have talent or else he wouldn’t be singin her praises. Besides, it would great to see a gal beat the good ‘ole boys at their own game. It is tougher for gals to make the grade, but would be nice (for a change) to see an honest to goodness down-home gal beating the boy’s backside and to the finish line. Hopefully it’ll be Heather who delivers in driving and not just doing bikini spreads in a magazine to promote her driving ability. Just like the boys who drive, ya either got what it takes to win or will you just be a part of the field to run the race?
    Come on Heather, get out there a show the boys how its’ done. Gotta believe you are the one to do it!

  2. jopetrey says:

    Good Luck Heather

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