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Mid-Week Ramblings….

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May 2010
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Mid-Week Ramblings….

The Outlaw Nation 30 Topless Race which was rained out last week is back!!! but one interesting note … this week the Super Late Model’s will NOT be running! It will be the A hobby as the star of the show of Saturday night!

Some of the drivers who were there last week are Chris Higgins, ( he will not be there this week he has a family function to attend), Donnie Farmer and his Johnny Cloer prep’ed #07 was there, so was his Dad Don Farmer, with his #99 A hobby, the #20 car of Devin “the dirt demon” Stuart was there topless, says he will NOT sing the National Anthem, much less sing it topless!!! Devin has been very strong each and every week, the #X13 of Mitch Brady, sans top, very sharp looking car too, lots of others who were there, Jr. Whitner and his #1 Car, #8 of Dale Fortner, #3 Richard Dixon, the #xXx of Bo Eaton was looking pretty good with out a lid, #77 of Joey Bishop, #90 of Mike Bishop, #00 of Robbie Greene, the #43 of Tim Ford, NGS regular who was really strong before he was found light at the scales after the race giving the win to the #20 of Devin Stuart,the #50 of Brent Clark, the #10 of John Clark I think, could be wrong, oh yeah I also seen the legendary driver of the #148 , Booger Brooks!!!

Man you would be hard pressed to find a faster field of Hobby cars than will be taking the track this weekend!

And we need to get every A-Hobby in the area show up!!!! me and “Outlaw” have a small wager(yeah I know that should read, “Outlaw and I” but .. hey it’s my blog and you know what I mean!) I will tell you I need all you “A-Hobby” Drivers need to turn out!!! I will split up my prize in the wager, and share with the fans til they are gone!

Now, Outlaw, has took this on, and he is covered up with stuff for this race, so each driver and fan out there make SURE you let Outlaw know how grateful we are for him doing this for the “A-Hobby” drivers and the class.

Give him a pat on the back, a shake of the hand, a thumbs up , just let him know how much this means to you!

This Should be a good race with the format, and the way it is being put on so I look for this event to grow!

There is an issue I would like to address, it has been talked about here, and I heard lots of talk about it at the track last week, So…….I want to talk about it one last time. The “thing” between the #38 and the #A-1 car, I talked to the driver of the #A-1 car this past week at the track, and I must admit I have a new found respect for the driver, Kenny Kizzar. We talked for a good while, he answered all my questions and it was a blast talking to him, look for a driver profile on him soon, which will include much of the interview I had with him, one thing I do want to pass along that Kenny said “ I have no hard feeling’s at all toward Chip Brindle, and the #38c team. I just want to race, and be treated fairly, and have good clean racing.” So we can put that story to rest.

Did anyone know that Kizzar is in the Mxsports Motocross Hall of Fame? So 4 wheels may be new to him, dirt is not.

Well let’s tell everyone you know, to be at NGS this coming Saturday night for the “OUTLAW NATION 30”

And Hobby drivers who is willing to pack this week? You will be the top dawgs! So you willing to pack?

I am hearing from a couple people who are really ready to jump into racing , they have had enough of being a fan, they want to sling dirt, so will be watching them as they start up a team, and make their first race.


The dr.


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