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RJ Wins NGS Volunteer Racing Series race

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May 2010
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Man, what a night of racing! The VRS (Volunteer Racing Series) brought a $3000.00 to win race to town and race cars showed up. Lots of them, with 29 late models from 5 states checked in and were ready to race.

The Econo Hobby Feature came next and it was a good race with Jeff Jacobs jumping to a early lead only to have mechanical problems dropping him to 3rd. It was all Ronnie Sanders in the 17 car, at the line it was

1 #17 Ronnie Sanders

2#21 Eric Hamby

3#j19 Jeff Jacobs

4#64 Glen Grimsley

5#11 Tom Darby

6#21 Dwayne Davis

7#72 Dave fletcher

8#D29 Joe Dockery

9#17 Jake Pilgrim

10#55 Mike Lilly

11#37 Micheal Fletcher

The Mod Hobby Feature lined up next, really I would like to say thank yo to the track crew for getting the show run completely and in a very timely manner so we could beat the rain and be home at a decent hour. Higgins jumped to a very early lead getting into one, but contact with the 20 and the 43 and presto the 11 was pointing the wrong way, well no lap had been completed so it was a complete restart, and once again Higgins took off only to be bitten by the water pump bug, Devin Stuart wins.

1#20 Devin Stuart

2#43 Tim Ford

3#Greg Ledford

4#81 Micheal Meyers

5# 15 Randy Walston

6#11 Larry Higgins

7#69 Tommy Cagle.

The 40 lap $3000.00 to win race was next but lets cover the other classes first..

Crate was all the “Team Seventeen” of Randy Hill and Jeff Smith, as this week Smith got his 2nd win in a row in the 17S followed by team mate Randy Hill, order is as follows:

1#17S Jeff Smith

2#17H Randy Hill

3#34 Chuck Padgett

4#A-1 Kenny Kizzar

I want to add that the top 4 cars were checked tonight for legal motors and all 4 passed, including the A-1 Of Kenny Kizzar, a few weeks ago I stated that his motor was “Questionable” since he had refused to tear down, so I stated that until he was found legal at the track I would call it Questionable… well tonight, it was checked and it passed with the NGS officials so I will be retracting the statement.

5#3D Jim Bob Davis

6#12 Darrell Ownbey

7#18 Sam Parris

8#53 Johnny cloer Jr in a sub role for Joe Picklesiemer.

9# 99 Aaron Wheat

10#27 Patrick Harvey

11#4 Scott Franks

12#S14 Aaron Wilson

13# 14 Weston Gant

Mod Pony was another Grady Stokes show,

1#27 Grady Stokes

2#14 Ralph Langston

3#99 Seth Wilson

4#7 Caleb Howard

5# N27 Natasha Stokes

6#S28 Brandon Satterfield

7#9 Bruce Kimber

Limited didn’t have a bog car count but it was a great race with Devin Dilbeck putting on another clinic and taking the win, you know Dilbeck should start charging for taking these guys to school! Results,

1#30 Devin Dilbeck

2#1 Trig Parris

3#45 Robbie Hair

4#71 Spencer Singleton

5#11 Lee Gray

6#15 Greg Lunsford (Good to see Greg Back racing again)

7#24 Howard

8#25 Randy Walston

9#31 Choate

Stock Pony saw the front runners added to the show and it was a walk away win for the A-1 car of Jason Whitt, they may want to think about making him run with Grady Stokes, hey there is a “Match Race” for you! The 27 of Grady Stokes and the A-1 Of Jason Whitt.

Stock pony results

1#A-1 Jason Whitt

2#x41 Lamar Cook

3#2 Adam Priut

4# 17m Matt Mccullum

5#D14 Donald Stone

6# Matt McCollum

7#34 Lamar Renfrow

8#X1 Grady Garrett

The Mod pony race turned into a Grady Stokes show after the 99 of Seth Wilson and the 14 of Ralph Langston fought for the first few laps then here comes Grady, he was on a rail with the 27 car walking away. Caleb Howard had a very good run after a couple weeks bad luck, I talked to him after the race and he was pretty excited, “ Wow I get to take the car home put it on jack stands, nothing to fix!”. It was hard to tell what Grady was more excited about winnning the race or seeing Natasha run good, I seen that the N27 got a few extra laps after the race, and it wasn’t Natasha driving….

1#27 Grady Stokes

2#14 Ralph Langston

3# 99 Seth Wilson

4#7 Caleb Howard

5#27N Natasha Stokes

6#27S Brandon Stanfield

7#9 Bruce Kinder

Now for the Main Event! It started out to be a Randy Weaver run away til lap traffic got in the way and here comes the Chattanooga Flash Ronnie Johnson to the front and he never looked back,although it was more fun watch the 81 of Aaron Ridley and the 29 of Welshan doing battle in the back for the 6th and 9th places. Lee Sutton in the L7 made a few good runs but seemed stuck in the back tonight,

1#5 Ronnie Johnson

2#116 Randy Weaver

3#201 of Ogle

4#26 Tony Knowles

5#22 Milkman

6#99 Derek Ellis

7#L7 Lee Sutton

8#29 Welshan

9#81 Aaron Ridley

10#8 David Payne

11#10 Chad Olge

12#3 Steve Smith

13#17 Brett Wyatt

14#0w Ross White

The Track looked good tonight and it was fast, got a little dusty but not bad at all, it was a great night of racing.It was good to see some checking going on in Crate’s,. and the top 4 passed with no problems. I think the “team 17 of Randy Hill and Jeff “Spanky “ smith will be a force to be reckoned with if they keep running like the past two weeks.

Pictures will be up later this afternoon and got some really good ones too!


the dr.


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  1. Caleb Howard! says:

    nicely done mitch i think your the best there is!

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