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Driver profile, Natasha Stokes Mod Pony Driver…

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June 2010
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Some kids grow up wanting to be astronauts, or Doctors, some even want to be lawyers, but one that I have found says that “for as long as I can remember I wanted to be one of the girls out there showing the boys how it was done”. Her name is Natasha Stokes, Modified Pony Driver.

Natasha drives the N27 in Modified pony, now if the number sounds like one of those “hey I heard that number before”, you would be right because Natasha is the daughter of the Modified Pony Driver Grady Stokes. This is Natasha’s first year racing but she says she has been around racing for as long as she can remember, one of her first memories is of being at North Ga. Speedway with her Dad. Natasha says she always talked about wanting to race with her dad, but as Grady put it, “ I never thought I would have 2 sons and my daughter is the one who wants to race.”

This 18 year old young lady who just graduated high school From Northwest Whitfield, has come a long way this year, I have watched as she was scared to death, to where she was really starting to attack the track, and making real progress with her driving. You know this girl is listening to her Daddy.

When she is not racing, she likes hanging out with her friends, going shopping with her mom and swimming. She is looking forward to going to college and studying to be an LPN.

The one thing that really got me was I asked her what were her ambitions in racing, did she want to move up or stay in pony, and she said” I want to run with my Dad, where he is , is where I will be.” Words that would make any father proud.

Natasha said she needs to work on getting in the turns better, and that she has been getting better about listening to her Dad. He just happens to be her favorite driver too, along with “Uncle Bones”. Her favorite foods are chicken and Pizza.

She really wants to thank all of her fans because “they are what keep me coming back each week.” Natasha said that she really wants to thank all the drivers she races with each week for keeping it clean.

Natasha seems to be ok with being one of the few girls out there, she said she even gets a kick out of it when Don Jenkins comes over the raceiever and says “come on guys give them a clean race” then after a pause, “and girl”

Sounds like she has Don Jenkins number……….

She really likes when the fans come and talk to her, and knowing she has made her parents proud means a lot.

Natasha, wants to send a very special thanks to her crew, the one’s that keep her going each week, her pit crew is: Dad (Grady Stokes) Uncle Bones,Brian Cook, “Noodle” Caleb Howard, Dillion Davenport, Luke Jett, Jeff Garrett,Wheelie, Alexis Cook,Paw Pete, Mom, Granny Burgess, Wendall Ingram. And anyone else who has helped with her car.

Her sponsors are Garrett’s Gas Line, Jerry Kensey Graph-x’s, Hayes Radiator, L&C Towning, Canton Ga. And Gunter’s Automotive and Machine Shop Dalton. Ga.

So next time you see the N27 roll out for a pony race stand and cheer and let the young lady under that helmet know your watching. And one think for sure, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree, nope not at all.


the dr.


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  1. Caleb Howard! says:

    hey this girl is going to be dangerous when she figures out north ga speedway she has winning in her blood and has what it takes to win! i hope she does as well if not better than her dad! i would really like to see her go out there and show us “guys” how its done and im not ashamed to get beat by a girl especially this one!

    Love ya tasha and best of luck!

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