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Mid-week Ramblings…. Rumblings…

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June 2010
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Midweek Ramblings…..I got a few things this week, I talked with Spanky Smith before the race last weekend, and I asked him, “Spanky, you were bad fast off the truck, so when did you know, that you could run down that 12 car of Owneby that has been so strong all year?” he grinned real big “ about the second lap of the heat!” TEAM 17 is going to be a force to be reckoned with so it looks, 2 wins a second and a third, in 2 races,Jeff Smith, and Randy Hill driving the 17s and 17h , are on a roll right now, so who is going to knock then off the top rung of the ladder?

The dynamic duo of Demon And Merc teamed up to give us a killer view of the race, from the rear bumper of Demon’s car!! link is on the tracks fan page on facebook…

The Mid Season Championships are this weekend for Hobby Classes. Both Modified and Econo will heat race no Qualifying….

A big tip of the hat goes out to Robbie Greene who raced topless at NGS in the Outlaw Nation 30, won his feature at Cleveland last Saturday night good job!

Seems that the frontrunners have generated some talk this week, or is it the A-1 car that just walked off from everyone?As mentioned on the tracks forum I would like to see the A-1 and the 27 in a 5 lap match race, that alone would be worth the price of admission. Now how about a match race tween TEAM 17? Randy Hill against Spanky Smith! There is another good one…….


I just got word from the Guys over at Stokes Racing that grady is more than willing to bring the 27 out for a 5 lap match race with the A-1, and if that is not good enough, the car owner of the X4 is willing to put Grady in it and run the A-1 for 5 laps…. WOW Now let’s see it!!!!

I have been working really hard on finding the past champions and the list is growing bit by bit, I have one former promoter who has agreed to let me look through his files from when he was promoting the track, but I really really need some help.. tell you what I am willing to do… for the first person who sends me an email with 3 useable pictures of a past champion on the night he got the trophy I will pay your Gen Ad price of getting in! Now that is the first person only and it has to be 3 good useable pictures of the driver and his trophy…any year!. I will pay your way in to the grandstands… or half your pit pass…. $10.00 Any takers?

I did land a couple pic’s of Johnny Cloer Jr. want to see them?

I knew you would like those….

Not sure when I will be posting part 2 of the Johnny Cloer interview but will try to get it soon…. I got one more driver profile that should go up Thursday evening.

I know Caleb Howard was thrilled with his 4th place run in Mod pony Saturday night, he told me that all he had to do was “jack it up and wash it!”

well It must be nice!!! Good Job Caleb!

Also I want to say it here that Natasha Stokes is getting much better! She is the featured driver this week in my driver profile’s but last Saturday night she was starting to really attack the track and once she gets in figured out, boys….. you better look out!

June is Championship month! Details to follow!

I have been toying with the idea of adding drivers who don’t run NGS each week, and I have a few drivers who are all for it …. now what I want is your view on this… you as my readers should I keep it for NGS drivers only? Or should I open it up to local drivers? You tell me…. your vote will decide, email me or post on here…

Drivers who have expressed interest ,

00 Robbie Greene

148 Booger Brooks

X13 Mitch Brady Jr.

Brad Cross

there are more so if you want to see driver profiles of these drivers let me know…


the dr.



  1. Heather says:

    I think it should be all drivers. Not just the ones that run at NGS.

  2. digger says:

    i think just for the NGS regulars, or those who run ngs occasionally. why promote other race tracks or drivers who dont support ngs?

  3. Janette Young says:

    In my opinion it should just be for NGS and the regular and faithful drivers that race and have raced at NGS. Lets not be so hasty to promote other tracks in the area and/or drivers that do not support NGS. Lets get NGS back in the sportlight first and foremost.

  4. Caleb Howard! says:

    another great rambling DR. your stories are the best

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